Real problems

There’s a sort of people that dislikes to be manipulated, and doesn’t like to manipulate either. And some become aware of manipulation, and they seek to solve it. And what do they find? They find problems, although they go for solutions.

This is my only regret in writting here and elsewhere, when I refer to problems. It is part of our social trainning to create problems so as to solve them, and some of us don’t even ever solve them. And I don’t wish to be guilty of such a contribution to somebody’s thinking. That would mean to achieve the exact opposite of what I intend to.

I myself rarely dwell into problems thinking, although I I’ve done that quite much in my life. I rarely if ever solved any like that: Gathering or inventing information, putting it together in logical order, trying to find a solution. That hasn’t worked out well for me.

The most direct and effective way to solve a problem is to know the truth about it, thoroughly. And that implies something: problems themselves are not truth.

And the internet does some great damage in international problems, because people get to communicate and understand each other better, and the authorities of information, like most of the press, lose their power. For example, to turn a nation against another, you need to convince of the two that the other is bad, a threat and so on. This usually -if not always- occurs to both nations. They both think of each other as bad, But what if people were in direct communication with each other? Such propaganda would lose it’s power, more or less, no?

It’s actually already happened. A great change has occured and is occuring. And you wont get to learn about it by reading worrisome articles about how bad everything is. You will get to learn problems that way, not solutions. And what’s the use of knowing a problem, if you don’t intend to solve it? The final stage of a problem is to not even intend to solve it, to thoroughly agree with it, to say ‘that’s how things are’. It resembles but is quite the opposite of not resisting it, protesting against it, as such actions, acting against problems, make problems even greater. To be apathetic about a problem, and to actually solve a problem are somewhat similar in appearance, but opposite in effect.

That’s what I mean when I say to focus on truth. We need more catalyst, not more fire. If we light fires everywhere, there wont be anywhere to go, our freedom with be limited. We need solution. True solutions are not hiding from problems, nor spraying happy faces on them to make them look better. A real solution is no more problem for me, for you, and for others too. But to go look whether somebody has it, so I will have it too, is not the way to solve it. It’s the way to multiply it and make it reality.

For example, a solution to poverty wouldn’t be for all to become poor, but rather the opposite. Some assert there are ‘real’ reasons why poverty should exist. But when I see people who spent half their lifetime working, while still being poor, I can’t help but think that those ‘real’ reasons are made-up, and that the only reality about them, is that people commonly think of them as real. Who would work in mr Job Creator’s factory, without such ‘real’ reasons for poverty? Why? If one got paid as much as he produces, how long would he work for mr Job Creator for, before he could even make his own factory?

I solve a problem by not having it, then by the other not having it either. Afterall, who is that other?


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