The power of nothing

I used to know(I still do) of a person, and sometimes we used to sit and talk, and she told me her problems etc. And I was feeling very supportive of her, not in a sense of sympathy, but in a sense of support. And maybe I should distinguish those two words, the way I used them. Because often help, support, sympathy, love are used the same way. Sympathy would be to feel sorry and also adopt one’s problem, while the rest would have the person no longer have that problem.

So, sometimes she was very upset, and I -instinctively, with no reference to any book nor anything else- just sat and watched her, and sort of reached her, but not physically. I really did nothing. I just had my full attention on her, thinking of nothing, not evaluating, not invalidating, not analyzing, just being there. And I knew by simply being there as a solver, would resolve her problem. And it always did. She actually wound up smiling and laughing soon after. And there was no problem.

You could compare the source of one’s being to a source of energy. Let’s say a source of water, as an example. So if you had such a source, and you didn’t hinder it, and you didn’t abberate it’s course, it would flow free towards some direction, like a river, right? It’s the same with one’s (spiritual) being. The more you analyze things, the more you resist, the more you try, the more you hinder it–the more you hinder yourself. Extra thinking, doubt is not needed, directness is needed.

One is really capable of creation and solution. He looks at himself, after he’s tried hard and failed, and he invalidates himself some more, thinking that he ‘cannot do it’ or that his being is wrong or numerous other things. And thus hinders himself some more. But it is not like that. Before you could evaluate a ‘being’ you should have it there in the first place! The point is, one’s basic being is neither his body nor his mental thinking, it is something beyond both of them. It is what survives after those things perish. It doesn’t perish. And it’s the boss playing the servant for so long as it subjects itself to and serves other things (like bodies and minds). It really doesn’t need those things to operate. And yet, it spents so much time taking care of those things, pampering them like a nanny. Feed the body, rest the body, exercise it, put it to work so you can feed it…that’s servitude. And not servitude towards oneself, but towards a body. Then sit and think about it’s problems -as if they were yours- to no end. Why? You can solve them the easy way.

All that is needed for a solution is actually a solver, and nothing more. That alone solves things, to the degree that the solver allows itself to do so. It is just a choice to be that, just intention to solve. And that intention is all that is needed.

There could be situations that this couldn’t work. I was fully willing to do it back then with her. And it has occurred to me that my paying attention didn’t solve anything. But it was with different people, different conditions. And I didn’t care to solve anything, to be honest. Pay attention to what you really want, and don’t neglect it. That’s why some cold hearted ‘test’ wouldn’t work. It is a matter of ‘heart’ not a matter of mind.


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