Stages of awakening

There was a time that I used to read about some extraordinary states of being. Some people claimed they had achieved some extraordinary things, and that they were willing to help others achieve it too!  But what hit me with unsurprising surprise was how important money was to them. Of course, that help cost quite a bit.

Don’t get me wrong here. I don’t think it’s wrong to get paid for something you offer. But I think it’s very incorrect to claim full freedom, independence etc while you’re still depended on such a thing as money, food, sex, shelter, understanding and the list can go on and on–specially when you’re depended on others to give them to you.

If you ask me personally I will tell you -and believe it- that as a spirit I am free and not in need of anything. I as a human…if I don’t eat I will faint after a few days, and so I need money to buy food, and so I need to go to work and….that’s not much freedom, I’m afraid.

This universe is commonly considered to have infinite power over a mere individual or groups of individuals. And that’s a fair goal to have–to handle that.

In an absolute top stage, there is no physical universe, no individual spirits, no creation, nothing. There is infinite and free potential for things to exist, though. On the contrary, on the bottom stage there is nearly no perception of the physical universe nor of anything else, but there is no free potential for things to exist, to change, to cease to exist. You see, the top and the bottom look alike, but they’re not the same. The only change seems to be free potential. However potential is always free. What changes is one’s awareness about it.

And there can be stages of awareness.

One who thinks and treats the material universe as God, he will be governed by it. He grants it that power, and that power it then has. A spirit who thinks of itself to be a body, will think and act accordingly, as well. And one could gradually govern the universe, instead of getting governed by it. And one could gradually become more and more aware of itself as a spirit too, as well as of many others things. And one could also become more and more aware of potential too, and have more control over his life, and experience more of what he wans, and less of what he doesn’t want. It’s not a sin to experience what you want–not anymore than experiencing what you don’t want, for sure.

Awakening, enlightment, call it how you like, don’t have to be absolute. But I have found that to operate from a nearly absolute viewpoint is my favorite route.

The problem with the physical universe and the problems we can have herein, and the ideas we get as a result, is that it is never what it seems to be. If we knew the truth about it, it wouldn’t have any power. But we need it to experience things, we think. And we think that there cannot be anything else. We have granted it this uniqueness. And so we don’t want to know the truth about it, either. It isn’t that we can’t, you see. The more one thinks he cannot have the universe, the more he lies about it. Because the hiding of truth brings about it’s persistence.

Remember this in the future, no matter what you read, and how hard you try, the door is always open, for those you want to know the truth. All one has to do is to take a look. The question is one willing to? Also remember this when times are hard, that you are putting yourself into this, for your own reasons, and you can always stop it. If you’re unsure about it, you could always do it gradually.

The end of the road upwards, is not to be alone in the dark, like some imagined Nirvana to be like. That’s the end downwards. Remember that too. Such ideas actually make people not want it. And I don’t see why anyone should want that, anyway. The end of the road upwards, includes everything. And although denial of the physical universe could work out to some extent, so that one will be less depended on it, one also needs to responsible for it’s existence, for it is part of him.


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