I’m all those things you wish I wasn’t

The way I see it, the are 3 major routes you can go about being yourself (or not) and employing your own thoughts (or not) on this planet.

Starting from the bottom: You can completely deny yourself and seek to be assimilated in the righteousness of the ‘masses’. That is to say, the dominant religious or anti-religious views, political views, other views on social matters, relationships, appearance,  communication, sanity and so on. The middle route is to try to be yourself and find most people against you, for you’re not supposed to. Since the early days of our lives we get indocrinated into that, by others who already are indocrinated into that themselves–to fit in, and to turn against what doesn’t (people included). Even though it is somewhat concealed, everybody knows about it, that’s why most comform. We can hide behind our finger, and be ‘positive’ and say that involuntary things are voluntary, but that wont make them voluntary. You think that being out of agreement with others is bad, if you don’t know what it costs to be out of agreement with yourself. The top route would be to be yourself and yet be unaffected by opposition.

I personally don’t see opposition as something ‘normal’. But the bottom ‘no opposition’ and the top, are quite the opposite. In the case of the bottom the opposition is between oneself and oneself. It’s not obvious to the person. But to another person who is not under the same burden, it can be. And to be in complete harmony with oneself also means to be in complete harmony with the rest. Harmony doesn’t mean to passively repeat what others repeat. You can be outside and yet understand the inside. You can understand both sides perfectly. In which case, there will be no ‘against’ condition.

And I don’t talk about/promote any egotistical, selfish, separatist mentality, at all. I just don’t think that unity comes through self denial. True unity starts from oneself. One in conflict with himself wont be truly united with the rest, either. Egotism is hypocritically pro-self, as the true self is not that implanted ‘ego’ that keeps oneself down, and which results in hypocritical unity with others too. There can be alignment between oneself and others.


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