Would you like to help me with my book?

Ever since I got into spirituality, and started to achieve good things, I’ve wanted to share it with others and help them like I’ve been helped too. I wanted to reach a good, stable stable from which I could relay what I know with some certainty, and that with some certainty it could be applied by others to a good end.

The only thing that stands between having and not having such a book now, is my perception that things are alright, and effort is not needed to make things become alright, not just from me but from anybody. And all I could offer would be this awareness.

If you are perplexed why I sometimes I refer to problems while I say that things are alright, I can explain in the book. And if that explanation is not enough, a practical section will exist in the book as well.

The book will be free and for free, unless I also release a physical, non electronic version of it. In which case that version will cost a bit.

I would like some feedback as to if and what you would like to see in the book. What you want to achieve, what problems you wish to solve, what you want in general. Then, if I decide to write it, a draft should be ready within a month or so. And then I will ask for some more feedback again, to know how understandable it is, and whether more things can be added.

You see, the idea is to be a useful to the reader book. I don’t intend to write something that will appeal to everybody, but it should appeal to some. Or else there’s not much of a point in writting it.

You can message me here, or in private, to help me decide what to do.




2 thoughts on “Would you like to help me with my book?

  1. I think you should write what you have come to know and how you came to know it. I don’t think others should tell you what you should write about. Maybe it does not need to be written at all. It is up to you to judge. I do like to read your posts and I sometimes get behind in my reading of your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts

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