Are things horribly alright?

I’m writing this article to clear up a possible confusion I might have created. I have mentioned more than once that I don’t wish to write anymore, because things are alright anyway, and that solutions are not needed. And other times I have also referred to problems. And that could seem contradictory and confusing.

It’s true I’ve had a slight shift of perspective, regarding problems, from time to time. But it’s also true I never changed my mind about the most basic solution.

Unfortunately neither English nor Greek languages are made to explain spiritual matters precisely. You say ‘spirit’ for example, and you want to make something understood. But spirit might mean about 500 different things from region to region, from religion to religion, from person to person.

If somebody has read and understood the most basic thing on which all the rest that I write are based on (bottom down of the blog), he/she might have understood why I think that I don’t need to do anything about things.

I do see things as being alright.

One might wonder ‘then how come bad things happen? Why do people and animals suffer?’ etc.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer that for each one, for each viewpoint and distinct experience, individually. But when one wonders about ‘reasons why’ he usually looks for answers ‘out there’. And I’m not any all-knowing beacon, to give the right answers. But as a beacon of a sort, I have pointed, that each one should trust himself to know within himself. And when I refer to ‘self’ I don’t mean one’s body, of course. Unfortunately, unless that is experienced, it cannot be adequately explained. Or at least, I can’t explain it with words. And this misunderstanding can be quite gross. It might resemble some other gross stuff which are not quite what I mean.

Bottom down, I know that nobody needs me to even point out that he could know by himself. For one is perfectly capable to know that by himself too! If I thought that I’m needed, I wouldn’t think that things are alright, would I? That would be nonsense.

So then you understand what I mean, I hope.


11 thoughts on “Are things horribly alright?

  1. Yes, I understand what you mean. Still, I like reading what you write.

    There is a bigger picture than just our life on earth. When you take a wider view things indeed are just as they are.

    1. What I’ve noticed is when you allow your life to be and to roll, it goes well. When you resist and use the mind to resolve it, problems emerge. It seems you resist yourself.

  2. Spyros, today I read an article about the stages of “soul development.”

    Stage 1. The ego stage
    Stage 2. The stage of disillusionment
    Stage 3. Accepting help
    Stage 4. The stage of disaster
    Stage 5. Beginning of the end of the ego
    Stage 6. The end of the seeker
    Stage 7. Atonement or oneness with God or the one

    Your post made me think of Stage 6. I think you’ll like what it says:

    “State 6: The end of the seeker. This is mainly a future stage of development. In this stage, souls realize that the very thought of seeking keeps them from finding the real answers. This may sound crazy, but it is true. I will explain:

    “You see, ‘the seeker’ is still an aspect of the ego mind. Only now it enjoys seeking for truth, not seeking for money, sex or ‘love’. But the egotistical seeker is still in charge. Once the soul realizes this subtle egotistical style of seeking, it must let it go, realizing that it is still a selfish ego style of seeking.
    For example, Jesus of Nazareth spoke of the pride of the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were the outwardly pious and often pompous religious Jewish leaders who lived at the temple at the time of Jesus.

    “He was referring to ‘spiritual pride’, an aspect of the ego that is common among religious people. They are haughty and proud of their religious observances. In other words, their egos are still very much intact, even though they say they seek only truth and God. Often others who are not in the religion see this much more clearly than the religious people do. They point to this pride and therefore discount the value of their religion.”

    “If one passes through this stage intact, which does not always happen, the soul learns to really hear and listen to the guidance of the ‘holy spirit’, and learns that it must truly surrender the ego. Instead, it must ALLOW the leading of the ‘holy spirit’ to guide each moment of one’s life. Life is no longer about striving for this or that. Christians speak of this stage as being ‘saved’, being ‘born again’, ‘slain in the Spirit’, and ‘living with Christ’.”

    1. Nice. That’s about how it seems to me too. But I have reservations about Jesus and Christianity, for you see according to what I know from my local Christianity, JESUS would lead you there, not God. Some DON’T perceive it that way, even if they adhere to Jesus’ teachings. But I think most do. So they become like those Jewish that Christ talked about. They despise, hunt, hate ‘sinners’, fear the devil and so on. They pretty much distrust life. They don’t see it as God’s creation, you see?

    2. * I meant I agreed with the description of the 6th stage. I don’t know about the rest. But they make sense. I’ve certainly experienced all of them. It makes sense that even disaster is above ego. That other the the road to truth must be walked all the way to the end, and not left in-between makes sense and fits in too.

    3. **And I don’t discredit that Jesus wanted to save people. I think that’s what he wanted. And I think he is quite able in doing that. What I disagree with is pretty much what I disagree with most religions: Tha making guilty, punishment and so on. If you examine Jesus teachings that’s not what he said. Probably that’s happened in other religions too. And atheists roar about that, and they’re right about that, in specific.

      1. I don’t know much about Christianity or Christians, but I have the same understandings as yours.

        Glad you resonated with that excerpt. 😛 It’s from the same website that has the article about auras (the one I posted some excerpts from, on your Merry Christmas thread). This is the most amazing website I’ve come across. And the most informative, mind-blowing article ever is his article titled “Soul Basics.” You should check it out!

        The blog holder (Dr. L. Wilson) has thoroughly studied and researched the whole field of health – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you ever want to find up-to-date info on any of these subjects (he updates his articles regularly), go to his home page and use the search button. It does a Google search of just his site. Here’s the link:

        1. He says in his website “50 Reasons to Eat the Cooked Vegetable Diet”. Just by that, I know is good, cause that’s I eat most of the time–cooked plants and their seeds. No raw salad, and rarely fish/meat/chikcenoids.

          Thanks for linking 🙂

          1. Awesome. And if you read his article on “Soul Basics” you’ll see why it’s good for the soul too – literally.

            Besides, I think that article might blow your mind, like it did mine. 😉

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