like/dislike success/failure

Unlike popular propaganda, what I have noticed in my life is that my success/failure ratio is analogous to my like/dislike ratio. To put it in plain, human language, the more I like something, the more successful I am at it–also visa versa.

And ever since my early years on Earth, I have been hearing the opposite, of course. I have to eat this, I have to study that, I have to work, I have to, need to, ought to… And the more I push myself, the more it doesn’t work out.

There is nothing wrong with what one wants, likes, agrees with. People naturally don’t wish to harm, unless they perceive a need to harm, unless react to something. The only wrong thing could be to be convinced he is and wants and likes something, that he doesn’t. That could get him quite perplexed. And I’ve seen some working on that, trying to tell others what people are good/bad or what ideologies are good/bad etc etc without allowing each one to actually know, like, agree with -or not- by himself. That’s the way to go about it, if you want robots for your factories, or soldiers for your wars. How many hard-working workers have you seen becoming rich, by the way?

Not all who suggest their likes/dislikes to others really intend that. I could tell you what I like/dislike too. But some intend to mess people’s own capacity to know who they are, what they want, what they can do etc so they can dominate them—‘for their own good’.

If one allows himself to be free from such influences -commonly called ‘the mind’ in spirituality- his life becomes aligned with him. That’s because he is his life. That mind and that identity that he is granted by manipulative folks, and that he grants himself to himself, actually stand between him and himself. That’s why it can be so miraculous to realize the basis of one’s being. It certainly isn’t what he is told. And he will certainly invalidate it, if he abides to such folks. That’s all such an influenced person does, invalidates himself, ‘for his own good’.

Some hear a guy say that he is more than a temporarily animated corpse, and they immediately jump up and mock him, make him wrong, call him arrogant, and so on. We must all be humble, so that they can be arrogant. We must admit we are weak, ants in some ant nest, ethical workers, so some others can make billions with our work, and keep us down so we’ll never find out the tricks they pull on us.

But enough with them. I have already referred too much to the ‘bad guys’. How come I say that things are alright when I also say such things? The things is that things are alright, if you see them as they are, from your own uninfluenced perspective, that is. They certainly aren’t alright for those who wants to keep others in the dark. Don’t think those guys are being themselves, nor that they are ‘winners’. If you look up to and wish to become like them, this article is certainly not for you.  They are programmed to think and act like they do. And they abide a bit too much to their programming. To them everything is horrible, and those who become influenced by them, see things as horrible too. Some see them as winners, as they don’t know the thoughts and feelings that haunt them. No sane person wishes to dominate others.

I don’t believe that hard work is absolutely necessary to reach a point from which you can know yourself and what you want. It can be so. But the hard work is done in keeping oneself ‘away’ from himself, not the other way around. We do that, as we occupy ourselves with stupid thoughts, stupid actions, and see through the viewpoints of others, that we adopt. How much of the ‘knowledge’ one has is his own? How much of what one says that he knows is actually experienced by him? From very little to none, most often. That’s why things can seem terrible, and that’s why terrible things could be done in turn.

Most of those guys who ‘awaken’ people with horrible news all the time, offer nothing useful. They  rarely if ever make us aware of a problem, so as to solve it, to a good end. They most often offer unsolvable problems, terrible conditions, so as to help our self-proclaimed masters impose their ‘necessary’ solutions on us.

There is nothing wrong with ‘things’. But viewing them as such breeds reactions. And reactions/’solutions’ based on viewed problems, and not based on free will, bring about more problems.

Don’t buy that. Don’t pay attention to what ‘is wrong’. Pay attention to what you want to happen, to what you like, to what you agree with, and have it happen. That way you will certainly succeed.


5 thoughts on “like/dislike success/failure

    1. Glad to read, Lisa 🙂

      Yes, I’m quite certain about that. To act against something doesn’t resolve it. It could only temporarily suppress it. But most often it perpetuates it. We can make what we like, instead.

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