Kickstarter and indiegogo, are some of the few companies you’ll ever hear me praising. I don’t care how much they make. They do business the ethical way. They help fund people so they can actually work for themselves or with whomever they wish to work, doing whatever they wish to, instead of slavewaging. So that they can offer something and THEN have money, and not the other paradoxical and rigged way around, so that only those who have money prior to working, can dominate the market.

Should funding be needed to start own business, any ‘free market’-claiming government, ought to do the same. Otherwise it either lacks in creativity, or it is too rigged, and it wants it’s people to depend on few.

I don’t think this financial system is perfect, by any means. But I think it can be vastly improved, and become more fair. And people can quit seeing work as an obligation and even see it as pleasure. I personally don’t feel bad to offer something good. But I do feel bad to do it by force.

Logically, if this financial system continues in it’s current form, companies will keep merging, small business -unable to cope against the large corporations- will disappear completely, and there will only be some, few or even one corporations left. Something like the Soviet totalitarianism that the USA so much despises will occur, by the USA itself. And whether we will have flat, equal salaries due to that, so as to to call it ‘communism’ is of little concern to me. The point is we will all be employees of few, like in Russia they were all employees of the state. My concern is about that, and not about money. It’s about whether or not -and to what degree- we have conscious choices over our lives.

Mathematically, that’s where it’s heading to. It seems the book 1984 was based on logic too.

However, I’m quite convinced that it wont happen. Actually, I think things will improve. And the reason why I think that has no logical basis.


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