Capitalism and Socialism

I don’t wish to pinch anybody’s political convictions, and give the impression that I take part in this race between those two, for I don’t. I only want to note some observations.

We all know how the capitalists blame the socialists, as well as visa versa. One side attributes society’s problems to the other side, and it asserts that the only true solution is on it’s side.

We have a sort of a black vs white condition, and whenever there is this thing occurring, I’ve noticed there is another oddity occurring as well.

For starters, we neither have socialism nor capitalism, as per theory. All one needs to do to realize that, is to read what original capitalism was supposed to be like, and have a look how what is today called capitalism is like. And one can do the same with socialism too.

To blame socialism or capitalism is like to blame an idea that is no more than an idea.

Elements from both socialism and capitalism are being applied in politics, but not completely, as per theory.

What ‘socialist’ and ‘capitalist’ countries have more or less in common, is that either corporations or the state have power over people. Or at least that’s what it seems to be like. Also, in both cases there can be large numbers of poor people, as well as tiny numbers of the opposite. I haven’t noticed any significant change, that goes along with whether a country is more aligned with capitalism or with socialism.

But I have noticed significant changes in people’s financial state, well being, kindness and so on in countries that are freer than others. And that factor is most often overlooked by political propaganda.

Oppression and poverty are not at all irrelevant. Actually, it seems they go hand in hand.

Nazi Germany was well off financially only for a few years, but that blew up like a bubble. Soon after, the opposite occurred, like it had occurred after WW1. Now it is pretty well off compared to some other European countries. But when I visit Germany, I don’t feel much oppression.

Switzerland that’s even more well off than Germany, is even freer. Did you know they actually have a form of direct democracy there, and anybody can propose a law to be voted? The European Union seems too bad to them. So, they don’t wish to join. Of course, the EU doesn’t have much of a democracy, leave alone direct democracy. And Switzerland  employs elements from both capitalism and socialism, and it remains pretty well off. Business can get rich, the unemployed get good welfare, criminality is pretty low, the cities look pretty, and the people seem relatively happy. And I don’t think that’s because of their private banks. The banks don’t give welfare. The banks hide and hinder money from circulating.

You can watch the video below, and try to guess Norway’s financial state, by observing the attitude of the police. You’ll be correct. Just turn on the subtitles.


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