How much do we cause our lives?

This is actually a question. And I don’t have the answer. But I think of the possibility that the amount of things that we can make happen in our lives is potential. And potential is also the amount of things that we can have happen in our lives, that is not under our conscious control.

What I know for sure is that we can make things happen in our lives. Actually, we can cause extraordinary things to happen–much much more than we commonly assume. And I’m talking about things that are way beyond the reach of our bodies.

I could imagine that some could argue that it is not us who make things happen, but God. From my perspective, there is a connection between ‘us’ and God. I don’t see God as a being that is above others in hierarchy, as imagined by some. I think God includes everything. God includes the Christians, the Atheists, the Buddhists and everybody else, and everything else.

And so I’m not afraid and I don’t feel accountable for my mistakes to God, either. I could feel accountable to another being. But you know what, beings that care make others guilty and punish them for their mistakes, are not that well off themselves, either.

It seems to me that the division between God and Satan, good and evil, makes God seem weak. It assumes that a being called Satan has been and is beyond God’s cause, or that it is not part of God’s creation. Indeed, evil seems to be beyond our control. Whenever we deem something to be harmful, we immediately separate ourselves from it. But that is a trap, as due to that separation we also don’t assume responsibility for it. And actually, we can perpetuate that evil, by turning against it.

I don’t really try to explain God. I see God as something beyond logical comprehension. I only address some human ideas about God, and not for the purpose to invalidate one’s religion. I could see all religions leading here, and I could see all religions straying away from there. That is potential too. I cannot even say that those medieval inquisitors were not God’s will, for I would -in turn- make God seem weak. But then, that would mean those witches that the inquisitors ‘purified’ in flames were God’s will, as well.

It is said that God has granted us free will, which is why one shouldn’t assign evil to God. However, it is not adequately defined what ‘us’ means, as well as ‘free will’. I don’t think that deep ‘us’ is our human bodies. I think we are spiritual beings with the capacity to cause some extraordinary things, like I wrote above. And if that is granted by God, one -who is not even aware of that spiritual self of his- could not invalidate it for us. It would be like asking an amnesiac to lead us home, in case we had been lost.

God, the spiritual, and the supernatural are feared, as people think of them as mysteries, as the unknown. And we all know the connection between mystery and terror, in horror movies and such. For me what it unknown is the physical universe that we think we know. It is so dense and dark we actually need suns and lamps to partially perceive certain wavelengths of it. And we cling on anything or anyone that sheds some light upon it, so we can see something, aside from darkness. You can really impress somebody who is in the dark by shedding some light. Hopefully, that light-bringer is not the one who brings the darkness too, in the first place. By the way, until recently scientists thought that darkness was empty space. But emptiness is not dark at all. It seems it is not within it’s nature to be known. So it can only get discovered, bit by bit. And I don’t think our civilization here on this tiny planet has discovered anything significant about it either, yet. So that’s another reason why I wouldn’t grant another the power to play authority to me or others about it.

I respect and allow science and religion, to the degree they respect and allow free thought. But I don’t grant any human the right to play master of thought, whether he is called Einstein or Pope.

Unlike the physical universe, I don’t view God and spirits as mysteries. I believe this knowledge is openly known to anybody. But they cannot be known if one tries to discover them in the physical universe, as if they were geographical locations. It is not knowledge in the sense of data, like the physical universe sciences are. It is awareness. And it is personal awareness. Spirits are awareness. And the physical universe cannot explain those things (ourselves) for us.

To get back to the topic, it seems we the spirits have made the physical universe to come to existence. And some of us are here playing the humans, playing oblivious, pretending we don’t know. And if I made another point clear above, this doesn’t mean that God hasn’t made the physical universe to exist, too. As our free will is God-granted. And as we have made it, we can also unmake it, as well as alter it. That’s how highly I think of everyone, including God.


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