Braiwashing is always right

Have you ever been told something that actually impaired your ability to think, because it was that stupid?

I always wanted to write a post about such ideas, but the problem’s that if I start thinking about such stuff, my thinking gets impaired and then I can no longer write.

I don’t have any problem with illogical thinking. Here, I can do it too: I smacked a bottle of computer and the pavement turned blue.

My problem is when somebody invites me to think logically, and then somewhere along the road, while insisting that I should be logical, throws irrelevant stuff at me. And it’s so irrelevant I don’t know where to start from explaining how irrelevant it is.

I usually just leave it like that, so the guy also wins the arguement and he is right. Oh yes, this kind of illogical thinking also goes along with being too right. And whenever you see fanaticism you also find such ideas backing the fanaticism up too–unshakeable ideas and unshakeable reasons why those ideas should be unshakeable–actually, a whole interconnected web of such things. And logic stops there. Dare to be logical about that unshakeable stuff, and you’ll probably get beaten, or something. Sure, those ideas have been beaten to him too, so that’s what you’ll trigger.  That’s what learning by force does to people.

People don’t think with ideas. One might say that he has an idea, but he doesn’t really. And particularly, if one has something, it must be a solid something, and not just an idea. Ideas, thoughts don’t need to have any mass. They can be airy. More airy than air. They’re not something to be had.

To create thoughts is a spiritual ability, not a human ability. Humans think with energy and matter. Emotions are a sort of energy too, of higher or lower wavelength. And humans perceive energy and matter, not ideas. So that’s what’s reality for them, as well.

And another difference between mere thoughts and thoughts that are backed up by mass, is that mass is solid, unchangeable. Have you ever noticed getting more ‘cloudy’ and your perceptions deeming when you feel very very bad? That’s the mass I talk about. And the world can seem equally brighter to you, as you feel better. You feel like something bothersome is gone, that you hadn’t been quite aware of, untill it was gone.

Reality for a human person is solid and unchangeable. But that’s not the case for a spirit. And a free spirit could not have much of a common reality with a human person, unless it addressed the spiritual part of that person, or unless it became a human too.

That’s human phenomena described here, and spirits are not human. It’s their identifying themselves with solid objects (such as bodies) that makes them think like that, and have unachangeable ideas. They think they are solid, and so their thoughts and resulting emotions and resulting actions become solid too.

And so you can brainwash people. How? Through force. There is no force-free area in the physical universe. It is composed of force, energy, or stopped energy (matter). And as a human person collides against it, in one way or another, he can become molded by it as well.

Most people wont listen to you if you tell them something reasonable. But if you tell them something convincing, they will. Actually, most think that reasonable and convincing are the same. They wont be interested to learn what causes war, so as to un-cause it. But if you tell them that war is coming, and how terrible that will be, they’ll be going around repeating it to themselves and others, in upset and panick. And similarily one might not be interested to know what’s good about you, but if it’s gossip about your trouble, it will be more real to them. Because conviction is created by force, and trouble are forceful. One might not want to accept you as his boss, but if you force him, he might. And later on he might be succeptible to accepting others as bosses too. That’s conviction by force. And that’s how that web of thoughts that some call ‘reality’ is made. You tell somebody something which is not alligned to that ‘reality’ of his, and he thinks there’s something wrong with you–you don’t see reality. He’s learned to think with conviction, and you don’t sound very convicing to him, you don’t agree with him over the inevitable pains and sufferings of life, nor do you offer some fake solution that will furtherly increase them in the long run. He would agree with that too. He’s been taught to. Moreover, him and other like-minded people might agree over such thoughts, which would furtherly proove you’re wrong, stupid and crazy, from their perspective.

Of course, it’s part of brainwashing to protect itself, so as to exist, by destroying whatever opposes it as well. And so people become fanatic. They become fanatic and protect things that destroy them. And if you try to help them, you can even get in trouble. You can tickle that which made them convinced in the first place, and so that conviction will be directed towards you. If you disagree with what one passively agrees, you can become his nemesis.

Thus brainwashing can become contagious. If you want to think and act stupid, just go argue with a bunch of such people. You’ll give them actual reasons to call you stupid too, in which case, it will be true, and they will be pleased about it too. In order to be perceived from the wavelength of stupid, stupid you must become.

And I’ve noticed there are two ways to help such people, without further trouble. Either let them be, or be so darn true, that your truth is directly perceived by the spirit, instead of colliding against and triggering his brainwashing.  And that would take caring to do. It is not done to win an argument and to proove somebody wrong.

Don’t try to proove anybody wrong, if you wish to help. That’s a way how brainwashing is done, in the first place. Force is always right, and it makes one wrong, as he gets overwhelmed by it. To make others wrong also becomes the defence mechanism of brainwashing–making self or own group right, and others wrong.

Wake them spirits up, so they can see for themselves, instead. That alone solves many problems, so futher analysis of problems would not be needed. It doesn’t give one a new set of ideas, but rather discards all ideas. And from that point on, they come under ones full control. One can consciously makes ideas or not, instead of ‘having’ them. Things are no longer a matter of religious scientific or philosophical beliefs, but rather a matter of perception.


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