Punches can be very spiritual

I was told this recently (with disapproval)–that if I am not a vegan, I cannot be spiritual. And I answered that as a spirit I neither need to eat, nor to make anybody wrong.

I’m not and I don’t intend to be ‘spiritual’, as God knows what that means to each person. Moreover, ideas and practices as a spirit, don’t mean that as long as I’m a man I don’t live as a man. Otherwise, I would just leave…you know. What’s the point in being alive, if I’m not supposed to live?

Like it or not, mother nature that many worship (and I love it too, but don’t worship) is freaking brutal. Aside from domesticated animals, there’s fighting and death everywhere. And there is love too. One fights the other to survive or to mate or to feed. I think cats are cute too, but when I see them brutalizing bugs and other small creatures -often just for the fun of it- I don’t think it’s so cute, anymore. Not to mention the dead animals a cat consumes during a lifetime, if she lives in an apartment. Still I love them though–both the cats and their food.

And as man lives inside this ecosystem, and thinks he is one with it, he can become quite brutal too. He can be taught manners, and other civilized attitude. But if he has somebody come along and tell him that he is an animal, and as an animal he needs to survive against others, and mate just to mate, he can start to think and act like an animal too.

This is not something that I would suggest, as I don’t think that man is an animal, although, I do think that his body is.

Spirits don’t have those animal insticts. They don’t need to do anything to survive. They don’t need to feed, nor to mate. During life though, they can agree over certain values. And those values can be quite different from animal kingdom values. Lifetime loyalty between couples for example, is rarely seen in animals, but more often in people–specially in the past. Latter theories say that we’re going to die anyway, so the more we get (more of anything) the better off we are. It’s a sort of vanity I don’t go with.

Various human civilizations on Earth have denied violence. And I would personally prefer to live in such a civilization, than in the opposite. However, there can be situations that are worse than violence. And I think it’s an indication of one’s sanity to know in which case to do what. If I was in a country at war against another, and I had a family, and enemies came inside the house to rape and dismember them, I wouldn’t feel guilty if I became violent. Actually, I would feel guilty to just stand and watch, cowering in fear, or something. At that point I wouldn’t care whether they had been brainwashed or whether deep inside they’re good beings. I’d need to stop them, somehow. If I failed to do that, and let that happen to my family, and I went on hating them and all people from their country, or all mankind, or myself, for the rest of my life, then yes, that would be irrational, out of space and time. And it would be much much worse than if I had used force in the appropriate circumpstance. I’m most often pretty tolerant. But that doesn’t mean that I would allow others to take advantage of my tolerance for their imagined personal gain.

The optimum for me is to be up to using force, but not needing to use it.  I want a peaceful life too. But fear to use force doesn’t bring about peace. It brings about conditions where force is needed to be used by oneself, but is only used by another–namely, suppression. One can re-create a condition he didn’t handle well in the past (and he knows it) so as to handle it well in present–to sort of make up for it. And maybe that’s a reason why some have conditions reoccuring in their lives, while others don’t.

Sure one can say that from a spiritual perspective it doesn’t matter, as nothing happens to the spirit. And I agree. But I think it’s best for one to actually live decently, while he is alive–and by that I don’t mean anything selfish. On the contrary… In fact, the more aware a spirit becomes, the more it is able to potentialy influence the human identity towards a better life, as well.


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