Why I disassociate from spiritual groups

In my life I have read various interesting things here and there. And much of that has helped in m journey back to where I’ve always been.

However, you might have noticed that I never give references. I don’t tell people to go read this or that nor join that group, nor to join my group. I don’t have any.

I’m not interested in antagonizing against anybody which philosophy, religion or groups are right or wrong. And anyway, if some routes are different, but are meant to lead to the same place, I’m more than fine with it.

But I yes, I currently have some disagreements. And if I disagree with some theory or practice, it doesn’t mean I like a person less.

Only in the case of dishonesty would I care to point it out as something bad. If intentions are not good, I don’t feel it’s wrong to say it.

Although I’ve been vastly influenced, in here you read my views. And that’s why they are also prone to change.

I respect your views too. And I don’t demand that you should agree with me.

I have noticed when a spiritually aware person says something, it is most often not understood. Words can be parroted, but the exact ideas about those words is hardly ever grasped. That’s why people work hard with meditation or other methods–so they can understand. If it was always possible to grasp it all by mere study, practice would not be needed.

And so I’ve also witnessed groups heading to a totally opposite direction that they’re supposed to, because they had thoroughly misunderstood some basic concepts.

I would like to be in a group, but I just don’t have enough agreement, for now.

I would suggest you set your goals first and then see what fits in them, not the other way around. If you wish to head towards a point, the means to head there will appear. Be well.


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