How to be completely free

This wont read nice. If you wish to be completely free, you’ll need to be completely free from need to eat, to socialize, to exercise, free from gravity, from from needing to travel to reach a destination, free from inability to change the past,present, future, and about anything you’ve known in your life. Complete freedom would be complete non existence.

Even ‘to be’, if you didn’t have complete control over it, would be a limitation.

Freedom as a political motto, can be very dangerous, as it will never deliver what it promises. Politics is not freedom, anyway. Politics, laws are limitations.

There can be relative freedom and unfreedom though. And you can define your freedoms and unfreedoms so you can have some existence and some life, that you wish.

A common trick people have been falling for in society, is when while they are still bound to some rules of living (by their own agreement), somebody comes along and tells them to violate those rules, for the sake of their freedom. Like if you get married to somebody, and then you cheat on him/her. From that point on you will reduce your freedom to operate within that marriage. Your communicating with your partner will not be free, as you’ll be hiding something. You’ll need to hide it, justify it, make the other wrong, and feel uncomfortable with it. Eventually, hostility and coldness between you and your partner can occur, and you will probably get divorced too. So you see, anything that carries the label ‘freedom’ is not necessarily free, nor for free. It would be the same as to deny to eat while you still need to. Of course, I’m not implying everyone has to always be married nor to never destroy his/her marriage. It just happens often that things we ‘don’t want’ are things we ‘can’t’, as in the case of somebody who could no longer be with whom he/she once wanted to be.

A guy who grants himself the freedom to steal from you, will reduce your freedom to own what he’s stolen. And another who grants himself the freedom to dominate others, will reduce all other’s freedom, as well.

A guy who asks you to give up all control over your life, so as to be ‘free’, asks you to become dust in the wind, so you’ll be blown here and there by smart guys like him.

That sort of ‘freedom’ results in sneaky control, where the controlled person is often not even aware of being controlled.

Ironically, your freedom in life will come about by controlling it. If you can determine what to experience (and what not), and experience it, you will be free. Otherwise, another will determine it for you. As life without experience, is like saying life without life.

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