Harmless spirituality

Another reason why I don’t like to identify as a spiritual person, is because it is mostly referred to a sort of harmless spirituality.

Let’s sit, stretch and feel good, and then let’s go to work as if we had done nothing, and then feel like @$#$% again, and then the other day, lets sit and feel better again, until we get out of the house, or turn on the tv and feel like @#$#$ again, and so on.

My views of spirituality are not about just feeling better. If somebody wishes to feel better, there can be many ways to do so. I have some control over how I feel, and I don’t need to do anything about it, but others can find many things to do.

If I cant bring about vast change in my life with it, it is not for me. I don’t have any reason to get into it. Moreover, my spirituality is not only about what we know as life. There can be kinds of life we currently have no idea about, by looking around here, and reading light reads about what’s around here.

Beyond this comfort zone, things can be terrible, as well as wonderful. So wonderful one wouldn’t trade the worst of that for the best of what he’s been having. And so terrible that most would rather never ever even think of it again, unless he wanted to mock it, so as to reduce it’s intensity.

If one (thinks) is not up to taking it, in terms of strength, he/she should better stay at home and stretch his/her body and feel good. What I’m into is only addressed to few. Not because it’s elitistic, but because few would be willing to take it. So, please don’t read my posts unless you’re really up to some hardcore stuff.

I’m sorry to say, but that karma will not break by comfortably sitting being a body and feeling good about it. Actually, you will be creating conditions for yourself wherein you will need to rise above that, so you will do so. If you’re looking for absolute security and comfort down here, while deep inside you wish for infinity, even if you’re too busy thinking of your daily life to think about it, you’re putting yourself into some vicious cycle. And some day, even in 60 trillion years, it might cross your mind something’s not quite right the way things are. I don’t intend to push anybody towards that, prematurely. One can experience being bossed around for as long as he wants. But the relative comfort and security we have now is not due to people who were afraid to be told off by their bosses, at work. Nor due to those who would sell their mother for a handful of bucks. Those sellouts who go around making others feel unworthy, are not worth a dime, in that respect of bringing about positive change.

If this was where we’re supposed to thrive, the worst of us wouldn’t most often take administrative control, so as to make us think about it twice, and shake our sense of everything being alright.

We create our problems, so we can really handle them. And we’ll be doing that, until then.

One can stay here and become something like Bill Gates, and change this planet, but still he wont have changed anything very significant, compared to the greater picture. It is one’s own choice what he’s going to do with that.

Most ways out of this soup have been mostly blocked, because people didn’t get it, and because their beloved earthly masters didn’t want them free, anyway. And many routes that supposedly lead all the way out mostly lead deeper inside. But my desire remains. And I know I’m not the only one.

I could tell you things that would make you feel terrible. Yet, I don’t feel terrible about them. Do you know why? It isn’t because I don’t care. It is because I can have it, and still care, and still stand my ground, and not freak out and seek to forget, so that I can feel good. Weakness and positivity don’t go together. If you think you need to forget so you can feel good, somebody’s messing with you. That’s what they want you to think, so you’ll feel soft, and so they can control you with terrible threats and other gimmicks. One needs to face and deal with this.

Bodies are soft, weak and vulnerable. They’re about 80% water and need calcium columns to stand still. It’d take about nothing to destroy one. What you need is yourself. It’s the presence of yourself that can make a body be kinda strong. And you can have all that you struggle to attain as a body, by merely being yourself, without needing to reduce your awareness so you’ll feel good. On the contrary, the truth about those problems and about yourself feels a kind of good that happy pills and mental gimmicks could not possibly simulate.

And you can know how strong one is, not by the number of punches that he threatens to deliver to you, but by how far up he can lift you, and how strong he/she makes you feel too. Any kitten can build muscle, look mean and train itself to threaten with conviction. It doesn’t make it strong. And the irony is people are most often afraid of kittens.


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