More about guts

I think I haven’t ruined your mood enough, so I’m back with another black post, that you’ll regret to read.

You’ve been warned.

I’m joking, alright. But this is not a light topic. Like I said in my previous posts spirituality for me is not a way to feel good. It is a way to truth. And that happens to feel very good to me. Some times, if you’ve been oblivious enough, you might need to go through some tough stuff to get through. But it is not necessary. However if you avoid going through tough stuff, you’ll be stopping yourself from progressing.

The past 3 years I had a streak of loses. I’m not saying what those were, but they were the closest persons and things I had.

Needless to say I wasn’t happy about it. Actually, I was very unhappy about it. And I was very unhappy in general. I haven’t forgotten them, yet I’m not unhappy now. What’s changed?

Truth be told, I never had those people and things, and I never lost them, either.

What one’s body has and loses, a spirit doesn’t have and lose too. And so it is very different to view it from a human than from a spiritual perspective. And the ‘you’ I am addressed to, is not a body, even if you posses one.

Your body can have a number of things. Some of which you might deem good and others bad. You can’t have a headache for example, as you have no head. That’s your body’s head there. Spirits have no parts. Your mass is zero and your location is nowhere. And if the body fades, spirits don’t fade. Neither birth nor death exist for a spirit. And it is practically impossible to ever lose a person, as well.

Those things ‘I’ lost were very dear to me. They were not just any things. Yet I spend most of my time now laughing with silly jokes, instead of mourning, although I haven’t forgotten them, and I don’t try to be positive, either. I just view from a different perspective. This is no small thing that I’m telling you. It has changed my life and everything. It is not a way to ‘patch things up’.

It is very important to view things from your own viewpoint and not from your body’s. It will save you a lot of trouble in the short and long run. And you will have a different perception and command over this human life too.

It might seem like a huge jump to ask from somebody to switch from being a body to being a spirit, and even more, to switch from having a human perspective to having a spiritual perspective. However, nobody is really asked to switch. One is the spirit and has that perspective, even if he adds to it other ideas and perspectives. The idea that your arm is hurting would be completely false, for example. And the mere knowing it, can remedy the condition for you. Similarly, you can’t have a human fight either, so as to be upset afterwards. You can’t be in debt, you can’t be accountable, you can’t be a lot of things that a human body can be. And very importantly you can’t be injured, nor die, nor otherwise harmed. Do you see how different this point of view is? And do you understand the impact it could have in one’s life?

What should somebody be afraid of? How about nothing? How could somebody’s words have any negative effect on you? How could you lose somebody? All those ideas are false, lies. And the moment you assume your own viewpoint, they will disappear.

The remedy is simple. And once you know it first hand, you realize you always knew it. Nothing new is demanded to be done. On the contrary additives are discarded.

Guts are not gained either. Actually, guts are not needed for one who has nothing to be afraid of. It is natural state.


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