A big change has occurred

Without doubt, if you asked me how I would like the world to be like, I could sit for hours and hours or days or more talking about what I would like to be different.

However, it is worthy to acknowledge that according to history, the past decades have been extremely peaceful, compare to the previous ones.

Yes, some countries had war, but compared to other decades they are few, and not as massive and brutal.

And it’s not only war. Should we talk about slavery, treatment of kids and women? Better not…

Something has changed. Even the fact that me and you can write about anything, without being afraid what will happen to us for writing it, is pretty important.

I believe, some gross errors about finances will start getting straightened out too, soon. And the oncoming political system will be quite different. It will be freer. It will not be Orwellian. People will be more motivated to offer something by working, than to work so as not to get their butts kicked, in one way or another.

Truthseekers, people that don’t want to be naive, in an effort to discover evil, might also grant much power to it. But if we seek to discover it and not resolve it, then what’s the point?

I believe we will win. In fact, I think we already have. But there are billions of people on this Earth, and some things take a while to roll. I’m letting them roll.


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