There’s been a mutiny on the ship

+ Each time a master protests for slave’s rights, a little pony dies. +

If you compared each person to a ship, you’d notice there is often a vacant place somewhere. A post that is no long occupied. That post is the captain’s post. He’s probably down the deck somewhere moping the floor, and he gets yelled at by slaves too.

An simple, easy way to hypnotize somebody, is to go play master to him. He will most probably buy it. Just start criticizing him why he is like this and why like that, give him commands to do this and that. Generally, manipulate him. Odds are most people will wind up fearing and worshiping you.

Why? That guy is like an ungoverned ship, if he doesn’t govern himself. He doesn’t know where he is going. He just reads the signs along the road and follows the arrows. He has no goals of his own. He just wants to follow the arrows because he is lost. He wakes up in the morning and unless he has some exterior directive -like to go to work- he has no idea of his own what to do. And if you go to him and confidently point to a direction, he will go. You’ll be filling that empty captain’s spot, you see?

And you can see a reflection of that in society too. Some of the least capable ones, least sane ones, taking some of the highest posts, playing other’s captains, bossing the rest around. Why do the rest buy it?

There is a powerful, unharmed entity somewhere in that ship, and he has no idea who he is. He follows his body’s and other body’s appetites, and he is driven here and there by them, and them are driven here and there by others too, in turn.

How to you handle that, protest so that slaves will take over authority in society? That’s already done. That’s the problem. And ironically in most cases behind protests for slave’s rights there are masters organizing the whole party. That’s why they are never free. I work too. And I would have issues addressed in public too. But it seems I’m too alien, as my problem’s never been what those guys fight for, on my behalf. I guess those millionaire organizers wouldn’t profit by addressing anything that matters.

Then there are some other sneaky ones who propagate that in order to be free you need to live the kind of life they tell you to. It’s usually something like ‘hate everyone but me’ and ‘here, this is how to be free’.

It seems anything is ‘free’ as long as you don’t it’s not your own decision.

It starts as an individual problem, and spreads all over, as society is composed of individuals.

Do you think those guys who try to forcefully control others even control themselves? Do you think they are masters? In most cases they are nuts. They can’t even control their own thoughts. If an honest person tries to operate alongside of them, they will jump on him to eat him. He will get bashed by all those who would want his position of power, as they have none of their own. And even if they couldn’t have it for themselves, they would try to undermine it.

Simply put, those who can, try to create things. And those who can’t, try to destroy other’s creations.  And very often those who appear to create their own things, only use other’s creations, as their own. They wont try to make a farm of their own, but they will try to own all other’s farms. If they fail, they will try to burn them.

One can be his own master. Actually, he is but is he aware of it? One can wake up to what he really is. Don’t think that as a his own master he’ll be bossing others around. No, sadly that’s what slaves do. It seems there is an analogy, that the less one is in charge of himself, the more he seeks to be in charge of all the rest. Which is why control is such a dirty word.


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