It was about 3 years ago, summer, that someone on my facebook posted an alarming message about UFO being sighted above an area in the suburbs of Athens.

I didn’t know her in person, just in facebook. And she hadn’t made any post of that sort before. She posts were mostly about music (my kind) and politics (not my kind).

Anyway, My apartment was on the top floor at that time, and I had a good view. And I just went to the balcony to check it out. And I did see them. There were a few. They were far. They moved a little bit, but not much. They were hanging around some mountains. Apparently, radars couldn’t locate them there.

The following days, I kept checking out, and saw them again, in different locations, above the city.

My brother, who looked at me in disbelief when I told him, saw them too. And kept coming to my apartment after that, just for that reason. We used to call it ‘sightseeing’.

They were seen most clearly a bit before dawn or at dusk when light was not too bright. Summer + Athens=too much light and too much heat too, but almost no clouds.

I saw two of them from a pretty close distance, twice. One each time. They were so close I could see details and hear noises. One passed above the center of Athens and slowly flew away. A helicopter appeared soon after, patrolling the area, which was not a usual sight. I supposed they freaked out, seeing a thing flying above the center on their radars. It flew from the center, passed right above my apartment and faded to the other side of the sky.

The other time I was with my brother, and we were watching them afar, and suddenly one appeared about 100-200 meters away from us. I think it had noticed and was teasing us, or was just making itself known. Obviously there wasn’t any intention to be hidden, hovering above a 5 million city. However, we didn’t feel very funny suddenly seeing it above our heads. We both backed off, and it quickly went upwards too.

They were the classic round saucers. And that one also had those legs below it. When it flew upwards a red thing like fire (like that of a rocket) appeared below it. And we heard a similar to rocket noise too, much not very loud.

I haven’t seen any more ever since that summer. But I don’t live in that apartment anymore, anyway. I also took a few pictures but from afar. And they looked like blurry white spots, in my cell phone, that I used at that time. I wasn’t really interested in taking pictures when I saw them up-close.

Next time I might go for a ride.


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