How not to fall on your face with spirituality.

With scientific thinking, people try to narrow things down into laws, so as to create predictable results.

You want to know that if you mix this with that you will have your medicine, and if you use that medicine for 4-6 days, you will have some result.

And that sort of thinking is pretty much science. And so we can enjoy having our computers of phones and write pretty posts on wordpress.

However, do yourself a favor and don’t apply that sort of thinking onto yourself, and be kind so as not to do it to others either. Don’t try to narrow yourself down. Don’t try to create predictability. Don’t try to narrow down potential.

It would be like having infinite horizon, and trying to add narrow mazes over it, forcing yourself to go through them, so you’ll start from yourself and end to yourself again–if you ever end.

A man who is thoroughly analyzed, becomes a proper robot. All his actions and reactions become predictable. That’s what analysis is about, when applied to the material universe, so we can have physics, chemistry, electronics etc. But potential is neither of those. And exactly because it is potential, it can also become that too.

All those ‘men are like this’ and ‘women are like that’ only apply to those who agree to be that. But you can get surprised by some others.

Aside from that body’s parts, you are potential. And potential is not some fixed thing. And if you try to fix the unfixed, fixations you will get–unfreedom. There is no greater freedom than pure potential, for potential merely means basically nothing, but also anything. It is nothing but it can be anything.

For example, you can consider things like if somebody says something to you, you get angry. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Moreover you could make yourself angry without any prior reason. And similarily, you can be happy for no reason, as well. And you can also say something like ‘from now on, I will only like people from my neighborhood’ or something, and have it happen. And then even think of the reasons why you only like them and don’t like the rest, and assert those reasons existed prior to your decision.

That is the value of shutting that mind up, in spirituality. Which mind is also a creation, out of potential. And it can only potentialy exist, unless you think otherwise. I personaly don’t identify the brain with the mind. The brain is pretty fixed, alright. A proper material object. And it can change a bit, but not too much.

Thought on the other hand…you can do anything with it. You create it, change it, stop it. And if you think you can’t, then you can’t. And if you think that other things make you think, then so it is. But those are rules you choose to create and abide to, if you do. And those rules are thought up rules too, even if many agree over them. Even their results can even register on machines.

Of course, if you break too many agreed upon rules, you’re liable to no longer work for and suit some other’s needs, unless you consciously choose to. Maybe you will no longer feel wrong and shrunk if somebody makes derogatory remarks about you, and similarily not feel scared if he/she threatens you. You understand, some wouldn’t want that, and they’d want to get you back on track, by pointing out how ‘abnormal’ you’ve become. But you shouldn’t mind about that. Free thought is everybody’s right. And that doesn’t mean that with free thought one cannot be a good person, nor that he/she can’t co-operate. It means there is a choice over what to think and be and do.

If somebody told me that I’m like this or like that, I’d know he would either be describing to me his very own, self-made thoughts, or he would be consciously lying. For I know what I am. I know that unless I think of something for myself, I have no thoughts. I also know I could make any thoughts. And similarily, I could write a post tomorrow, saying completely different things than usual. I don’t have any ideas stored anywhere. I make them all in present. I don’t have any place in which to store ideas, anyway. So, criticism can’t have any effect on me. There is nothing to criticise.

I can choose to keep myself steady on course, for a length of time too, so as to be a student, or something. But that’d be my free choice, as well. And I’d need to be creating it for myself every moment, otherwise it wouldn’t be there by itself. And then at some point I could just stop doing it, for no reason at all.

I most often appear much less flexible than I can be, as society is structured like that. I can’t decide tomorrow to go live in another apartment, without breaking my landowner’s heart nor do the same with my job. Still, the potential exists. And regardless how one seems to be like, free potential is never lost. And that’s the greatest problem of all. One you could try to figure out forever, as it is infinite. That’s why figuring it out can have no end. Only if you lie you can end it. If I want reasons to break up (imaginary condition), I will have to lie to myself about her, and admit she is like this and like that, while she could be like anything at any given moment. Or I would have to say that I feel like this or that I don’t feel like that, as if the neighbor or some other exterior force made me feel like I do, or not feel like I don’t do.

And those are just few ways one can reduce his/her potential. It’s not a true reduction, it is a lie, but it can occur. Multiply that by many many times per day, and you see how hard one tries. It’s not needed. Just don’t do it. Don’t try to figure out infinity.

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