Getting Real

Reality is what people talk about. And most often its not even that. It is what is talked to them by very few, and then the rest repeat–talk about. Whether they agree or argue, those real subjects are just that.

It doesn’t have to do with what people see. And one’s convictions about what is reality almost never stem from his observations. It stems from what he thinks most others think.

If the news referred to what the average people actually experienced, they would be quite dull.

If you think this is bad, it is not bad enough. What is really bad is that after they start repeating they can also start to experience those repeated things. Just convince them how bad they are to each other, and you’ll see how bad they’ll become to each other.

It is more than just brainwashing. It is forming reality.


2 thoughts on “Getting Real

  1. It’s sort like watching the news and the anchorman(or women) reading from the tel-prompter. Spewing the same lines of crap that somebody else has written. I think it would be cool for the same anchorman to say what’s on their mind afterwards. No matter how absurd or untrue it is.

    Cool post!

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