Do you want start trusting people?

then depend on nobody. Simply put.

Do you expect from any group to take you by the hand and lead you through life? You’ll soon find yourself betrayed–call it a country, Church, political group or otherwise.

The betrayal will start from you, of course, as you are the source of all that happens to you. And to assign that source to others, is the source of all the trouble you’ll have.

You provide yourself with all those good and evils, the food you need, your house, even you don’t seem to directly do it with your body.

If people were self-determined, they could all be reliable. Naturally, everyone is reliable. But nobody is taught to be self-determined, in society. And why would self determination need to get taught, anyway? And you can’t expect by people who don’t respect their own self-determination, to ever grant others their own.

Those who promise them freedom, most often deliver the opposite. Those freedom fighters who repeat some organisation’s lines, turning against whomever says anything slightly different, don’t seem that free to me. They don’t get to create their own thoughts in the first place.

People actually ge taught that in order to live, they need to start dying–even if spiritualy first. The sneaky methods employed to teach that are very interesting, as you start looking at them for what they are.

If you want to be normal and get medals of honor, make sure you give up all self determinism, and be ‘positive’ enough to do it with a smile. So they’ll know you don’t even suspect the tricks they pull on you. Otherwise, you’ll be problematic, and you’ll have experts sort you out with advices and drugs. Like ‘oh does that knife on your back hurt? Don’t worry, here’s some painkillers. Now relax and quit imagining you’re getting backstabbed.’

It’s alright if you live a life you don’t want, with people you don’t want, doing things you don’t want, as long as you feel good about it. That’s the positive motto sweethearts. That’s how much credit your will takes.

Those guys don’t work you. They work for those who wish everyone to work for them. I’m sorry.

And the way to reverse that is not to put nor to withdraw all hope from others. It isn’t to fight them, and it isn’t to wake them up either. It is to acknowledge you are them. And dependency on true self means you can trust others too.

If you receive goodness from others, it will be because of you. Same with the opposite.

Is this positive? Negative? I don’t deal with such things like positivity and negativity. You either be responsible, or get smacked by what you’re not responsible for. Sit and worry about what you’re not responsibile for, and you’ll get smacked some more. Sit and expect from what you don’t take responsibility for to take care of you, and you might as well put a noose around your neck.


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