Reign of the people

Sorry, but the dirty games that occur with corporations, governments and other large scale players also occur in small scales. The large scale is just a reflection of the average people.

If people were united nobody would be affected what those ‘big’ guys did. And they wouldn’t be seen as big, either. But the only unity most people know is in working for the boss and in fighting imaginary enemies. Try to gather them to do something nice, for the benefit of all, and then try to gather them to go yell at some neighbor, for some imaginary reason. See how many will gather in each case.

The reign of ‘the people’ wont ever change anything. There’s too much reigning already. And most people try to reign over each other, while they don’t reign over themselves.

Do you think an average person would do any better if he had authority? I doubt it. Odds are once he got his high hierarchy position, you’d see him change. High hierarchies are devilish things. They possess people. They remind them they are Gods, but evil ones. Very few can handle it without losing it completely. I know -out of observation- what most people become once they’re granted authority. Specially when they’ve been under great pressure. They don’t wish to be free from it, they wish to be in a position from which they can press others, themselves.

And if some leader of a sort is strong enough so as not to lose it, because of his authority, he will then have to deal with all those who will wish to steal that authority from him, and keep it for themselves. 

Better make kings and queens out of cats. They’ll be more fair, reasonable, and less authority starving than humans. Or better let’s not put our bets how much on who rules people, but rather on who people are. To have people self-determinedly change, is a win-win for all.


2 thoughts on “Reign of the people

  1. I don’t think it is about uniting, that isn’t going to happen. Instead it is a matter of granting others the right to be what they want; with one primary game rule: Don’t force something on another that they don’t want and don’t take something from someone that they want to keep. Of course that would ruin a lot of games currently in progress.

    1. I don’t disagree with independence. On the contrary… And a unity based on free choice and independence would be quite different than what is mean by ‘unity’ now, which is enforced.

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