Divine justice?

Is there such a thing?

I don’t believe there is a judge who judges who gets punished and who doesn’t, in life or in the afterlife. Nor do I believe in some universal karma.

However, there is an analogy that I’ve mentioned before. The more one harms, the more he gets harmed. And I’m going to write a bit about why/how this does not always occur and why it is not always obvious.

That which grants power to a person who habitually harms, is others. As long as others give him reasons to harm, he does so, and he can do so pretty well. The more he is resisted, the more others play along in his games, the more he persists.

If you want to have somebody -who has done a lot against you- have the sky fall onto his head, simply kindly withdraw, and let him be responsible for himself, without you trying to change nor destroy anything about him. He will get really messed up.

It isn’t a matter of punishment. You just give him no more reasons to harm, and that messes him up.

If it is a person who really habitually harms, the only things you can do together, if you play along, are to harm, either him, or yourself, or others (even just by gossip etc). Just don’t play along, for the guilt is transferred over to your side, as well, and then you give him those reasons to be who he is and harm you too.

Simply and kindly abstain, instead. And don’t even think about counter-attacking. Let him handle it by himself. And he will then have to face himself…


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