The opposite vectors of people

One could say that life has very very roughly two directions. One would be life itself and the other would be death.

And one could thus evaluate how an action or a state of being is more aligned towards life or towards death.

Obviously, suicide or beating or killing others would be more aligned with death that with the preservation of life.

However, there can be many many things that are not at all that obvious, at first glance.

Have you noticed people operating in completely opposite directions than life, on a permanent basis? For example, have you noticed people befriending others who would actually wish to harm them, and on the contrary attacking or betraying -overtly or covertly- those who’d wish to assist them in their lives? You could say that it’s done out of stupidity, but that’s not the case when it’s always like that. And indeed, in some cases, it is always like that.

Although it isn’t obvious, some, not few at all, head towards death while alive. That doesn’t mean that they are going to die. But it does mean that they’re on a direction towards death, even if that lasts for 90 years.

Some seek to make life better for themselves and for the rest, and some seek to worsen it for themselves as well as for the rest. And don’t be mistaken, one who permanently worsens it for others, he permanently worsens it for himself, as well. Unlike what the jungle law says, the fittest might survive better, but a deathwish for the rest, is deathwish for oneself, whether one is aware of it or not. And 90 years on Earth, feasting on the losses of others by no means implies 90 happy, fulfilled years, no matter the size of that bank account.

As one habitually harms others he loses his own self-determination, so as to stop himself from harming others. Consequently he loses everything, whether it is obvious or not.

I really wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of many of those who would eagerly wish antagonize me how much more successful than me they are. I personally never care to show my being successful nor the opposite, unless I wish to share some tip with others, so they can succeed too, or maybe take another’s tip too. And indeed, to have one obsessively trying to prove something to himself and to others, is an indication of the opposite, whether that something is being a victim, a good person, a righteous preacher, or anything else. Sure, most want to show what they are, but to try hard to prove it, to pound who is the opposite, so as to reduce him, is an indication he is the opposite himself.

One shouldn’t be at all affected by the decisions and opinions of the rest, simply because not all head towards the same direction in life. And simply because success, health, mental health, happiness and other good and bad qualities are not that obvious. Moreover, like I mentioned above, those who wish to have others need their approval, those who wish to make others feel wrong, are most often wrong themselves, often to unimaginable degrees.

You would be surprised how some apparently super cheerful people are actually killing themselves bit by bit, and will seek to do the same with/to those who join them too. It takes some training to be able to recognize genuine happiness, light, love, and freedom.

Actually, the projected ‘positive’ and ‘right’ life of person who actually leans more towards death, can make all the rest in his vicinity feel sick of life itself. People who hate life are often not negative at all. They hate what they think life to be, due to their contact with such people.

Understand that a genuinely strong, free, happy person, doesn’t need to reduce others, to be that. He wouldn’t be depended upon anybody’s approval, nor would he feel any urge to have others depended upon his approval. On the contrary, strength, love and all those good qualities, breed the same in others, and not the opposite. Jungle laws are bs theories invented people who weren’t that strong themselves. Those fascist pseudo-scientists who asserted that everyone is evil and strict laws and brainwashing are necessary to keep people at bay–of course, they were only referring to themselves and their likes.

Of course, an otherwise alive person, might act quite the opposite in an opposing environment that heads towards death. For just like those positive qualities, the negative qualities can be contagious, as well. It takes quite some independence to be and remain uninfluenced, no matter what, without becoming a wall, which wouldn’t be very alive, anyway.

One can know whether he is with life or death, by how he treats himself and how others. It is different to temporarily hate somebody, after a negative encounter, than to hate everybody and seek to destroy them, without even a prior encounter. And don’t confuse this with appearing ‘positive’, as appearances can be deceptive. Try to perceive the essence of things.

The more truthful what you project to others is, the more you’ll be able to distinguish lies from truth in turn, yourself. And the less you’ll be lying to yourself, as well! For don’t think that a person who happily destroys himself is aware of doing it. No, he would most probably take a winner’s look and laugh at the idea of another’s suicide. That’s the problem.

On the contrary, truly positive people tend to think lowly of themselves. They hold negative moments in suspension, they try to become more responsible, better, and they have a higher sense of self critique, which can make them vulnerable to those who’d wish to prove them wrong.

In short, who leans more towards life and whom towards death can be quite the opposite than what it seems. For those who get pulled down are more obvious -to themselves as well- than those who pull others down.


2 thoughts on “The opposite vectors of people

  1. Death is just a small blip, a turning of a page in the great book of life.

    Birth and death, not life and death. Life is eternal.

    Survive and succumb
    Create and destroy

    Life plays with all the polarities. But in the “end”, when your body dies, you are still alive Life. Maybe next time you’ll choose a different game to play here, or maybe you’ll be done playing human and will go off and play somewhere else.

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