Ease and simplicity

All that matters is easy. Actually, it’s too easy.

To be yourself is easy. To succeed is easy. To effort is needed. No additives are needed.

Truth is so simple and easy that cannot satisfy a problem-starving mind.

Take a sit if you want, and say that for the following 2 minutes you wont think of anything, you wont do anything. Odds are thoughts will pop up. You will want to move, to do things. That’s why it’s not easy.

All those thoughts and impulses of yours…if they are yours, how come you don’t control them? Why do they just ‘come’? That’s the problem. Those complexities. That’s the value of differentiating between yourself and all that stuff.

You want to achieve something, you want to go from point 1 to point 2. And instead of just doing that, you add some more 3000 points in between. And to reach point 2 -if you finally reach it at all- can take a lot effort, and who knows what else.

Effectiveness and power go together with simplicity. It is the exact opposite than what you learn when you solve problems in mathematics.

How to achieve that? Again the answer is easy and simple–unfortunately. And thus it cannot be analyzed. No matter how good you are in analyzing things, you wont make it there by analysis.

Intuition: To know without the use of mind, of perception channels, of anything else–to simply know.
Analysis: the use of information so as to make more or less complex calculations so as to know. That’s quite not going from 1 to 2. That’s going God knows where.

You can simply know and you can simply create. You can bring things into existence, that is.

And those things go together. To be oneself. To not consider oneself to be something other than oneself. To create and know directly without using things that don’t belong to oneself.

It’s easy and simple yet almost nobody does it. Nobody gets told to do it. And you wont have much to talk about with others while you do it–that complex thinking…you just wont be getting into it so as to connect with the other’s complex thinking:

– What do you think about the war in Syria?
– Nothing.
– Don’t you have an opinion?
– About what?
– About the war in Syria.
– What war in Syria?

Everybody knows so much about generalities such as ‘the war in Syria’. But almost nobody has any idea (of their own) what the hell they talk about. Nobody is experiencing any war in Syria, in present time, not even in the past. Everybody’s fed information, data and they use it to know. And Russia people ‘know’ completely different things about it, than in the UK. Yet, everybody is convinced they know the reality of it. And if you don’t join in that, you wont have much to talk about, you see?

And if we we didn’t talk using things we have been told, taught. And if we talked using things we were experiencing, things we knew first hand, our communication and life would so much more beautiful. For starters, we -or most of us- wouldn’t fight like fanatic baboons.

You have to make this jump, to get out of all that ‘knowledgeable’ pile of information wherein people become convinced about things that they themselves don’t know.

That’s basic. And actually it is more basic than basic. To think with others thoughts, with fed thoughts is sub-zero. It is below the basis. To start from zero start with your own thoughts, and with your own perception. Take yourself back. It can’t get more basic than that.

You can do this: Put that body to sit somewhere comfortably, so you wont have your attention fixed on it, and simply perceive as spirit. If you don’t know what spirit is, it doesn’t matter. Your mind doesn’t know, and it will never know. Your mind could only remember things you’ve read, you’ve heard…like things I’ve written. But you don’t need that. You don’t need me. You know who you are. Just don’t use your mind, memories, past data to know. Don’t use your body to know, either. Just be yourself and know as such. This easy, simple thing can take you further than millions of hours of studying what others write, as you will be being yourself and knowing for yourself. Don’t wonder about anything. Don’t assume anything. Don’t remember anything. Don’t analyze anything. Just do it. Just know. If you think you know nothing, go on. Whatever happens, just let it be, and go on. Don’t try to change nor fight against anything.

Unless you give in to your mind, to start wondering, analyzing, you will experience great relief, as you’ll be discarding enormous piles of junk. Things will be softer and lighter than before. You will start to know life for and by yourself. But this time you will start to know the truth about it.

Should there be problems, truth always dissolves them. Problems always contain untruth.

Have fun and success.

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