Time to give back the love

I believe it’s about time for some people to realize how much job creators have offered to all. For once in your lives be grateful. I propose we thank them and offer them back what we owe: JOBS. We need now -in turn- to create Employment Centers for the purpose of employing job creators. All this time they have been offering work, and the rest have been receiving, giving them nothing back, in return. It is time to give some back. Those poor job creator souls who wont appreciate our kind gesture, will be lead to mental correction facilities for rehabilitation, until they accept reality. It is understandable, it is hard to accept such a gift, when you’re so used to only giving.

So job creators will enjoy for once the gift of holy work, and the rest shall sit and eat until we get fat and stuff. The joy of creating our food, clothes and electronics will be on job creator’s side, from now on. What could be a better way to thank them, after all they’ve done for the world?

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