Associating with others

I bet throughout my posts some might have gotten the impression that I am pretty much anti-group and very pro-self, or something of that sort. It isn’t like that. I enjoy to do stuff with others. Otherwise, I wouldn’t write, anyway. Or I would write and read my texts by myself.

It’s just that I have observed groups tend to become dominative. Or some individuals tend to become dominative when associating with others. And when there is domination, there is also submission, whether it is seen as such, or not. And when that happens too much, individuals feel they can no longer be individuals without the consent or assistance of others, which I don’t think it’s true.

I think it’s a natural impulse to associate and co-operate and to be intimate with some. But that should occur in a way that strengthens the participating individuals, and not the opposite. And then those individuals feel like one and care for and strengthen the group, (or relationship) and not the opposite. Otherwise, if that association results in individuals dominating and becoming dominated, I consider it betrayal.

However, we are here, and we are together, and to go about it alone, is not enough. And an urge to not go about it alone will exist. I disagree with bashing at groups and relationships in general, and promoting isolation as it makes people feel  incomplete. Deep down what is bashed at is oneself–infinity. Some try to separate people to weaken them, so they’ll be more easily controlled. They try to turn one against the other, for that reason. I wouldn’t buy divisions creating movements etc. I just would accept and even go for divisions that would separate the more honest from the manipulation of the least honest–and just as a temporary solution.

At best one would be free and able to be by oneself and with others as well, and be well, anyway. To be well by oneself as a single individual is great, crucial, and a luxury today. But it is only a first step, and not the end, in my opinion. The end is everything.

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