Highs and lows of spirits

I don’t believe that when we talk about spirits we can say anything like ‘high’ nor ‘low’. There are no high nor any low spirits, from my perspective.

When you have a man, who is not completely aware of his spiritual being, he will naturally think lowly of spirits.

If he could even conceive the nature of a spirit, he could conceive that for himself, too, and be that, as well. And that is a barrier is practicing spirituality. People are unaware of that. If they weren’t, spirituality would not be needed.

A man can be thoroughly defeated and humiliated in life, and the opposite can occur, as well. But that cannot occur to a spirit. It can only occur to what the spirit thinks it is–in this case, the man.

Nothing can happen to a spirit. It has zero mass, it is nowhere and it is never. It can conceive itself to be somewhere and in some time too. And it can conceive itself to be energy or other things as well. But deep down it is neither.

But is it a compliment to say that one is basically nothing? If you tell that to a man, it might as well be the greatest insult. There is a catch: In terms of mass, it is nothing, but in terms of potential it is infinite. Actually, it’s own being is the result of it’s potential. It creates itself into being.

God you can say is that potential, and the beings are the spirits. In other words, God is being those beings. So who do we address when we address such a being?

You understand that anything less than ‘God’ would be an insult.

That’s what the one-ness with God and with each other is about. We’re not really ‘one with’, we are it, or it is us. The how and why we can be unaware of it, is a different story. Yet, we never include that in our daily thinking. And yes, we do reduce ourselves moment after moment, day after day, by our own selves. How ‘others’ reduce us after that, is of little importance. Because ‘they’ couldn’t, unless we did it first.

Spirits are always high. It doesn’t get higher than that. It’s their unawareness of themselves that can trouble them. But if you have a somewhat aware person, you can point out that truth to him or her, and he or she will get it and shine. But people that stray too far from being themselves, like those who reduce themselves and others too much, don’t get it as easily. So they might need to sit and meditate and a few thousands of years, or something, to get it. Well, at least that’s what some spiritual philosophies say 🙂 I think it is potential how much how hard and for how long one might need to work, to be aware of himself. But one must also know that he will never become anything other than what it is–as a spirit. No matter the hard work, the spirit wont change, the mind will–which mind is put there by the spirit as well, for as long as it puts it there.

Right now, at this moment everyone can fully be themselves, without any work. The problem starts when they -while they be that- also think they are other things, like poor, victim bodies. And that’s what might need work, to get rid of–all those lies, that one can sit and conceive for about an eternity, as well. When you get above that, you will see they were all your own creations, and you will stop being their victim.

The technique I use, could hardly be called a technique at all. It is to simply be myself, and to perceive as such. It is the most basic thing that a being can be–itself. And then magical things start to happen, because -what do you know- that potential, God, is not just a being, it is everything. And while the being awakens, everything awakens too in turn, and shines.

And because I love it, I tell others to do it too.

No catch.

No subscription needed.

Just be it.

I hope I have made it a bit more understandable.

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