Own thoughts

Daily we get bombarded by advertisements, political and other propaganda, we are supposed to be aligned with a mechanical flow of thoughts and actions meant to keep a machine going. But if one voices a view independent from those, that’s strange, weird, wtf is he talking about? One ought to be aligned with the machine, or else. One is only supposed to comment usually pro- or anti- views to what he is given to comment on, so that his ‘own’ opinions and actions can be predictable. And so, his ‘own’ thoughts become a product of the thoughts he is given to think about/against.

We can’t have unpredictability. Everything must be under control–dumbed down, that is. Let’s talk about what we’re given forever, so we can have it forever. As when those things are absent from people’s thinking, they are absent from ‘the world’, as well. And let’s not ever make anything new. Let’s always be occupied with the usual problems, so nothing new can exist. Only few are entitled to create, the rest are only supposed to copy/paste.

Like in our democratic training in school, when the opinions were ‘ours’ but the topics were always given by the teacher, and the rest ought to always pay attention. Such nice essays of ‘our own’, those were, after we had been taught what to write. ‘Today you’re going to learn about cookies. Tomorrow you’re going to write a test about cookies. And the day after that, you’re going to write an essay about cookies’.

Free thinking, own opinions, no shit.


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