A little PR about myself

I’m certainly not a PR master, and that is deliberate. But I think whether it is intended or not, as one reads from an author, he/she imagines how the author is like. And since I’ve been careless with making myself known, I bet some might have ideas about me that are not me. And of course, by ‘me’ I mean my physical and mental ‘me’. As for the spiritual… I think it cannot be adequately described without being somewhat careless. Try to describe nothing but potential…

By looking at me, and even chatting with me, nobody (or very few) would ever guess that I’m so interested into spirituality, spiritual philosophy, spirits, spiritual stuff, call it what you want. My ‘meditation’ is not obvious, and there is no spiritual art or other spiritual appearance on my body nor in my apartment. Also, I never talk about such matters with people who are not already interested. And most of my friends are not. So, you get to read about the good stuff, yourselves. In short, I don’t have a spiritual ‘lifestyle’. Even if my thoughts are ‘crazy’, nobody could tell.

I will never make idols, and worship and bow to my friends, who I love and I’m grateful to, and who have helped me on my path,to help me not to create a servant, for that’s not what they wish. They don’t need proof of my loyalty. They know me, anyway.  And they wish for my independence. And I in turn give freely and for free, like I’ve received. I might invite those who already wish to, but I will never try to convince anyone to walk the path I’ve walked.

I listen to hard and dark music (from dark electro to black metal). I dress in black.  My hair’s often been a little punky or long. I have a sort of a darkish look, but when I open to somebody, he/she usually sees I’m not dark at all. It’s been a long time since I sat and read a whole book or watched a movie. I fool around quite a bit, just for the fun of it. I never watch TV. I love the arts, I love the arts, I love the arts and I admire artists. And I also work a night job (hostel receptionist) that drains my body’s energy quite a bit, and I’m not in shape for much, afterwards.

I can easily stay alone for days, weeks without feeling bad about it, or I can chit chat to no end (I don’t fancy surface, small talk though). I don’t have much of a compulsion with regards to ‘socializing’. When I talk, when I connect,  it’s because I really wish to–unless I’m obliged to, in my job.

Aside from the spiritual, I also have very human goals, but still not too mainstream. For example, I wish to make a very great relationship (that didn’t work out well for me, in the past) and to become independent job-wise, to be able to make money independently, as to be employed is so much not me. However, I’m also very disinterested in making money (I see it more as a ‘have to’), and so there can be a problem. But I’m sure it can be handled somehow.

I never submit to ‘can’t be done’s nor ‘can’t be undone’s–to apathy, that is. It’s been a long time since I last experienced apathy with regards to what I wanted, and I can hardly remember how it’s like. For me, everything’s possible, whether it’s easy or not. I can still quit, but never due to a ‘can’t’. I just couldn’t excuse myself, while knowing what I know.

It makes me sick to complain about my life or world affairs or to sit and read/hear about what bad life does to poor victims of life in the news etc. I have managed to make some extremely hard-to-impossible things happen, and I have also drowned in spoonfuls of water, myself. Obviously, both were possible. Sometimes I do point out things I dislike, but always with intention to resolve them, and I wish for others to take it as such, in this blog.

Oh, for those who still don’t know, My name is Spyros (short for Spyridon) and the surname’s Polkas. I’m born, raised and live in Athens, Greece and I’m 35.

Have a nice day/night.


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