Dual logic

Dual logic: ‘If it isn’t like this, it is like that’. ‘If it’s not +, it is -‘. ‘If you’re not with me, you’re against me’. ‘If you don’t say yes, you imply no’.

Examples: ‘If you’re not a theist, you’re an atheist’. ‘If you’re not a capitalist, you must be a socialist.’ ‘If you don’t think ‘chemtrails’ are airplane exhausts, you’re a conspirationist’. ‘If you’re not cool, you’re a nerd.’ ‘If America is bad, Russia is good’, and so on…

And then there is also an in-between condition that is a mixture of both sides–but it is not different, it is just a mixture–the middle. Like ‘it is neither good, nor bad. It is so-so.’

The benefit I got out of not thinking like that was that, I could see who wanted me to think like that, and why.

A very smart enemy, doesn’t take sides. He tries to control both sides. And one can get contained inside his game as a puppet–caught between two opposite poles of a magnet. For a puppet opposites seem like choices, for the enemy they are two parts of one.

Fanaticism is a form of stupidity. Anything that doesn’t fit in a specific frame of mind, is immediately considered wrong, bad, evil and invalid. Also visa versa.

For example. people that have considered that religion, or certain religions have acted with a purpose to brainwash, fail to notice that there have also been scientists who have brainwashed, as well, in the name of science. They think it’s those broadly general tags ‘religion’ or ‘science’ that make the difference, not specific people and their intentions. If one wants to brainwash or otherwise harm, he can do it as a priest, a scientist, a hippy, a plumber, a man, a woman or anything else.

The more general a sort of thinking is, the more useless and potentially harmful it is, as well–namely, stupid.

Fanatic people tend to think that all this is good and all this is bad, and some minority thinks that it’s so-so.

I don’t think so. I think possibilities are endless. And if people’s thinking wasn’t as limited, the endleness could also be observed ‘in the world out there’. That is to say, if people were not being propagated, trained to think in such a limited, robotic manner.

Of course not all think like that. I refer to a large number of people that I have observed. Usually less fanatic people, don’t have such bold opinions, and loud voices, and they are harder to notice–usually, not always.

It isn’t ‘if this, then that.’. It is ‘if this, then anything’. If something happened yesterday, it doesn’t mean that it will have to happen again tomorrow. It isn’t that one has to be subjected to such sequences. The past doesn’t exist. Our bringing it up, makes it come to existence. And if one wishes to be free from the past, he needs to be free from such sequencial thinking, as well.

If you failed 100 times and succeeded none, it doesn’t mean you will have to fail again. But if you act with the past as compass, you will greatly increase your chances to fail.

So, here comes the one factor that is uncontrollable by a brainwasher, and that a brainwasher would try hard to control, to destroy, to limit: creativity.

‘If this, then anything you create/make happen.’ Same for the neighbor.


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