When I was young I had to join the army for a year and a half. It is mandatory here, as there are only 10 million Greeks, and profesionals are not enough to cover all posts–or at least, so they say.

I was not at all happy about it, although I was made to say that I was.

What’s very odd about that experience is that I spent 99% of my time doing things that were not directly related to military. I mean they were, but I don’t understand why they were.

I learned how to assemble and use a rifle, and a few other technical things. But other than that, the rest of time I was learning how to be humiliated–how to always say yes, how to never say no, how to tolerate sick, unfair attitudes, how to have no privacy, how to own nothing including my body, how to clean toilets, wash dishes, live in filth and so on.

I don’t understand how modern armies hope to have good soldiers with such morale. If I wanted to have somebody become wild, I would coax him to reach out and attacl, I wouldn’t have him suppress his reactions and shrink while he was getting bullied. I wouldn’t try to scare him into submission. Yet, that’s what was happening most of the time.

And yet those people are so proud of their inheritance -that they are Greeks- and don’t realize that if those ancient fighters back then were submissive, they wouldn’t be worth a dime in battle. And Greece would had fallen long before the Romans.

Aside from the army, that’s also how Greek society works, at large. Starting from family to school, to the army , to jobs. The parent, teacher and boss are always right. And the effect of that is pretty obvious–low morale, defeat, complaining, whinning… It’s been getting better, but not too much.

Of course, if I was a very very sick man, and I wanted to have the population under my boot, I wouldn’t want them to have any high morale, any bravery, any strength, any will of their own. I would want them to be scared, submissive, soft. I would want them to be needy, dependent on what I would provide them with, so they would bid my will in order to get it. I wouldn’t want them to be capable of individual thinking, decisions, initiative. And I would want them to believe they are victims, so they would act as such, as well.

Mark my words, this isn’t going to last forever. But for as long as it does, for as long as somebody tries to convince you that you are a victim, so you will feel defeated, or that there’s something you should be afraid of, don’t buy it. For that guy will be trying to control you or he will be relaying what has been told to him, as well.

Yes, love, compassion, co-operation. Yes, no fighting, no war. But that comes out of freedom, not out of suppression. Otherwise it is fake. It is submission. An unfree person wont co-operate, he will submit or dominate.

If you deny yourself the potential to experience force, you will be ruled by it. If you are not afraid of pain, of this or that, you can’t be controlled by those things–same with needing.

Similarily, if there is a problem, one should OVERcome it (handle it) and not try to run away from it–rise above it, know the truth about it, untill it no longer exists, not bury himself below it, untill he is no longer aware of it.

You get the difference.


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