Whose side are you on?

Honestly, I’m on nobody’s and on everybody’s side. Or at least that’s what I want.

I try to understand both the dark and light side, as well as the edless array of all possible colors.

This blog is indeed biased, and polarized towards some direction–a direction of greater truth. Other than that, you wont get bias from this blog. If I have some, and I find out, I’ll let it go.

I don’t write on behalf of a mindset or another person. I write on behalf of what I perceive to be more true than what I’m often told, or what I used to think myself. I have a self-assigned purpose that will last for as long and as much as I want it to–for as long as I think it is of any good use. Nobody rewards nor penalizes me for writting or not, alhough I might. I can really enjoy doing this.

And what I do in here to popular matters, I do to myself, by myself.

What is truth? It is not a mindset. It is not a thing. It’s the absence of lies. How do you attain it? By acknowledging/seeing lies as lies, or by pointing out the conditions prior to lies, or a condition that contains less lies, so as to attain a greater truth, and not an absolute truth. Absolute truth can’t be talked about.


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