A little tip for hard times

Sometimes one might find himself against all life, and as result, all life against him/her, while what he/she is against is actually a very specific thing.

Fed up with life? Make it more specific. Fed up with people? More specific… Fed up with school? Still not good enough. Is it a person? What exactly happened with that person? When?

Try locate exactly what happened, when, where.

And if you’re still upset about it, it’s much better to be upset about a specific incident, than with everything.

That which troubles us the most, and turns us against all life, must be concealed. Otherwise it couldn’t turn us against all life. We would turn against that specific thing, instead, if we turned against anything at all.

Even if it happens often, there must be a specific thing, person that triggers that whole sequence. And you should better find it. Acknowledge it.

Often upsets about general matters such as ‘life’, ‘men’, ‘women’, ‘Switzerland’… stem from very specific things.

Often it might not even be directly related at all to those things, but to people that talk about those things. Nobody knows billions of people, but many speak on their behalf.

If one talks derogatorily about such general things, he can cause such ‘against’ conditions, and misery in others, who believe him. So, don’t reduce that in importance.


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