Imagination, a punishable act

When I was a kid, and went to school, I wasn’t always always interested in sitting on my butt for 7 hours per day, inside some dull, sterilized room, and learn things I had never chosen to learn–although I wasn’t allowed to openly admit it, because my brain was smaller than that of the righteous adults, and thus I was always wrong and guilty, if I openly disagreed, according to adults.

So, since I wasn’t always interested into what the teacher was writting on the greenboard (the boards were green in Greece), I secretly entertained myself by using my imagination. I used to imagine that I was a knight defending a castle from enemies, or various other things. I was consciously doing it. I was imagining it, and I knew I was imagining it, and I could stop any time, and I knew the difference between what I imagined, and the class that my body, my physical self was in. I was making ‘my world’, I was imagining I was being part of it too.

Without imagination, you wouldn’t have any Lord of the Rings to read and watch in movie theaters, you wouldn’t have any Star Wars, you wouldn’t have any songwriters writting songs, you wouldn’t have other arts, you wouldn’t have anything. Yet, if a kid now sits and imagines things the way I used to back then, and lives in a country where psychiatry is very mainstream, like the USA, it will get charged with a mental illness, such as ADHD.

There has been a division between healthy and unhealthy imagination in psychosciences, but it seems to me that the borders between those two, are very arbitrary. Actually, I’m certain about it.

I don’t have much of an interest in bashing at psychosciences now, for they have been busy doing that themselves, anyway. And I don’t need to propagate anything against them, to stop them. If I was to write about how they have been used, in authoritarian regimes to control the populace, your jaw would drop. But I’m not going to waste my time with that now.

Actually, I have little to no interest in mental health. Spirits and other -according to psychosciences- imaginary things cannot be alligned with what is called mental health, at large. Actually, religion as a whole is batshit crazy according to psychiatry, and the only reason they don’t honestly, responsibly declare it on TV, is that their religious patients might get a little upset about it, and no longer be their patients. You just can’t believe in gods, spirits, demons, miracles, and generally, in the supernatural and still be considered sane by them. If you both believe in some religion and in psychiatry, you just contradict yourself. Your understanding of either one or the other is incomplete.

You can label me crazy if you will, for talking about spirits and other crazy stuff, but know I don’t intend to be un-crazy, and I don’t take it as insult. And fortunately I don’t live in Soviet Russia 1948 to get arrested and electric shocked, to become ‘sane’.

Imagination is the creative capacity of a spirit. It is not chemical connections/reactions in any brains.

Before one says something, he imagines it. Before one does something, he imagines it. Intentions, thoughts, memories are all imaginary. Spirits operate their bodies through imagination. Without imagination, you’d have a plant, not a person.

One can imagine good or bad things, happy or depressive or terrifying things, or anything else.

And a nice way to make a person abandom his creativity is to make him imagine unpleasant things, so as to convince him to reduce his capacity to imagine, in general. Horror movies anybody?

Brainwashing is the act of making one imagine what you wish for him to imagine. Like when you ‘plant’ thoughts into somebody so he will be repeating them, from that point on.

And so, a problem is created: Out-of-control imagination–out of one’s own control, that is. If one imagines things that he doen’t fully and knowingly control, he can be victimised by them, or even harm others due to them. Like when you imagine a disturbing memory again and again, and feel affected by an event, even for long after it happens.

Without such a problem, psychoscientists would run out of patients to treat.

Unfortunately, along with harmful imaginations, they dumb down imagination in general, like in cases of kids who ‘suffer’ from ADHD, or cases of people who report telepathy, and other spiritual abilities, like remote viewing.

‘Science’ (notice the generality) is certain telepathy and other abilities don’t/can’t exist. Aparently, they never tested anyone who could really do it. Or they tested and convinced people it was all fake, like convinced and prejudiced they are themselves.

Well, surprise surprise, I can know what thoughts another sends to me, if he sends to me, and another can too. Everybody can. And it can and has been confirmed by myself and others too. Do you think it could happen if those sent and received thoughts were chemical reactions in somebody’s brain? Those are imagined thoughts that get sent and received. And if my ability, or the other’s ability to make and to perceive thoughts was too blocked, of course, we couldn’t possibly do it.

Telepathy is just for starters in the field of spiritual abilities, by the way. I intend to write about some more exciting things, in the future. And I’m not feeling guilty, shamed, wrong at all for being able to do some stuff, just because some researchers with fat bank accounts, might be prooved wrong, with their dual, limited logic of ‘true or false’.

Have fun with your imagination , and don’t make it wrong. Just because your imaginations don’t collide against the walls (I’m not saying they couldn’t), doesn’t mean they’re fake, wrong.

2 thoughts on “Imagination, a punishable act

  1. “Imagination is the creative capacity of a spirit.”


    (I finally figured out how to get email notification of your posts, so I don’t miss any more. You’ve “got” this, and I want to read more!)


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