I think there is a lot of junk when it comes to reading about conspiracies. One can read so many contradictory stuff that obviously, they cannot all be true. Better watch cartoons instead of reading some of them, for they will only manage to upset you without offering some viable solution. But I think a reason for that is they provide a good cover for actual conspiracies. I think to a lesser or greater degree, it’s intentional junk.

People have no prob to think that some could conspire to rob a bank. But when it comes to people of high status, it’s all good. It couldn’t be otherwise. You mad bro?

There seems to be some confusion between status and credibility, ethics, honesty, and a feeling of worrisome reassurance connected to whatever carries some official stamp of one sort or another. I guess it doesn’t cross anybody’s mind that when some governments committed genocides they also did it using official stamps. And I’m not implying there is any genocide being planed now. It is not needed anyway where I live, as Europeans no longer have children. It’s not in fashion.

Of course formal education is formal because of status. And there is an implication, if not a official declaration, that anything taught beyond school is wrong. In ancient Greece, students could choose their school. And each school teached it’s own things, had it’s own distinct opinions about things. There wasn’t any universal schooling with a standard set of things to be taught. There were choices. There was that strange thing called democracy. Now there is status. And you don’t want to be left without it, as then you’ll be wrong.  Don’t you dare argue against it, for you’ll always be talking rubbish. Some of it, also calls itself ‘open minded, evolving science, that learns from it’s mistakes’.

I think governments are pretty much innocent, compared to others. As governments in democracy come and go, while some others remain.

Another indication of governments being the wrong target is that they get most of the blame BY the media, which often also results in public outrage against them, as well. They just wouldn’t do that to their bosses and collaborators. No, them must always be safe.

And another indication is that which in the West governments change, politics don’t change. It’s as if nothing changes. A little re-arrangement here and there, raise this lower that. But the core remains the same. We’ve gotten so used to it, we don’t even imagine it could be significantly different.

It’s tragic that I don’t even see parties promise anything significantly different–even if they don’t really mean it. ‘Everything is alright. We’re safe in the hands of natural evolution’, huh.


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