Freedom #2

Freedom is a gameless condition. By ‘game’ here is meant to set a destination, a desire, a goal, and to move towards it, such as the goal to be alive and to continue being alive, in time. Paths and barriers are parts of games. Freedom and games don’t go together, for to even consider that what you intend for is not occurring, is a game within itself.

A spirit is naturally free. Only when it engages into games it considers itself to be unfree.

Since within it’s nature it is free, it needs to lower it’s awareness, to become un-free. It needs to lie about or hide itself. That’s why it is so important to know oneself. This becoming un-free is a lie.

On the other hand, human beings are long way from becoming free, as freedom would mean no goals, no barriers, to distance, no time. Even dependency upon food, rest, shelter are forms of unfreedom. If one cannot be in the USA, then be on Mars and then nowhere and then in London 1456AD, that’s a form of unfreedom. Any restrictions or enforcements or even desires (as one considers he doesn’t have what he desires) are unfreedom.

Of course, there can be more or less free games. And there can also be better or worse games, according to one’s own opinion.

Life is a game or games, but one can have choices over which games to play.


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