About individual will

Not few times have I heard that if people were granted the right to operate on their own will, horrible things would happen. That there would be theft, murder, rape etc etc.

That’s a scientific notion connected to individual will–psychiatric to be more specific. ‘Men are evil and if you let them free, evil there shall be. And civilization is attained by inhibiting man’s evil impulses.’ That justifies attempts on behalf of some to -obviously or not- manipulate others. Any educated fascist -obvious or not- knows that.

On the other hand, most religions have been no different. There is an assertion that there is a versus condition between God and men. And that men ought to abide to God’s laws, because they are wrong and evil. And in the same books you can also find references that God is almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent.

If God is all that, how is it that ‘he’ asks from people, through other specific people, to be that ethical? Isn’t people’s wrong will his own creation?

It is all the opposite. If you ask me, God’s will (that I don’t call a ‘him’) and the people’s basic, unaltered, unhampered, unbrainwashed will, are the same. It’s only when people become brainwashed that they act madly and evil. And brainwashing is no rare phenomenon–actually, it’s most common. And that’s the only reason why I refer to it. It’s most often starts from one’s early days in life, and it doesn’t end until the end. People get brainwashed to brainwash others. In places where punishment is common, for example, one does this to the other. It’s a chain. They think they do the right thing. But what do you know, that’s where you get the most and the most brutal crime.

A problem is created, and then a solution is being imposed. And those who create the problem are the same as those who impose the solution.

It is not within one’s nature to be evil. It is stupid thinking that can make one act as such. And while some can be stupid so as to act as such temporarily, some others are like that on a more permanent basis. Those guys tend to impose ethics (punishment) on others, but never on themselves. Actually, they do that too, but they’re not aware of it.

Ethics comes about with free individual will. Relationships and groups work smoothly like magic while it’s participants operate on their own free will–and not on imposed, brainwashed will. On the contrary, they become chaotic when the participants free will becomes inhibited. And then some smart guys come along to impose their order. Then you have suppression.

How to resolve this, fight suppression? Fighting is what results in latter suppression, in the first place. And you will get more suppression in your face, instead.

But one’s own true self, and true will can revolve this, for oneself, smoothly. There is no need to fight, if you no longer reproduce other’s mental illusions aka brainwashing.

Life is meant to flow smoothly. But smoothly according to one’s will, not smoothly by adapting to another’s brainwashed will.

It’s acting against life that results in chaos, for one then acts against himself. So you see by ‘own will’ here it is not meant selfish, separatist will, either –not at all.

Just know what you are, know what is yours and what not, and go with it. Go with yourself. This formula works for me, and that’s what I recommend, in turn.

10 thoughts on “About individual will

    1. It’s funny. When I was listening to slayer (I still do, specially SNM and SOH) I didn’t Imagine I would be writting such Godly things, in the future my a blog hehehe

  1. You are aware that the Indian Nations were in constant, perpetual WAR with each other, right?
    And their God that they don’t call “him” was useless to end the tyranny.
    [It makes no difference where you are or came from.]
    Ethics aren’t engrained into Humanity. They are taught. Unfortunately, many are taught by hypocrites and liars who have little use for morality. Only greed and conquest, and they contaminate those they “lead.”

    1. Actually, I added the image after I wrote the text. I do like that about no judgment.

      I’ve heard that about the Indians before, but who knows? The Europeans only recently arrived to America…

      As for their God, for me there’s no my nor your God, if God is omnipotent, the creator etc. I don’t refer to what each religion calls God. I have writen about my own opinions before.

      About ethics not part of humanity and needing to get taught, by whom should it get taught if humanity is unethical?

      I’m Greek in Greece, but I don’t write as a Greek, I write as me.

      1. Ah, Humanity’s “teacher” is its Creator, for without Humanity does not exist. To that end Faith relies, and the result goes beyond ability to those who believe.
        Of course, those who attribute Humanity as an evolution of itself, … there is endless history of recycled failure and dissolution of hope. The killing fields of Earth – passed are relentless.

        1. I never implied there hasn’t been failure in humanity, that is good, right etc. I said those force ethics on humanity are no better themselves.

          I’m neither with the religious nor with the scientific dogmas, that nobody should doubt. In older times, in some places, where people didn’t know the one and only truth and the one and only reality about things, when they didn’t burn witches to purify them, and didn’t lobotomize insane people to make them sane, and didn’t beat children to make them learn, there was greater plurality of theories about the world, spirit, God etc. It was called philosophy.

    1. Again, there is no implication from my behalf, that philosophy in general is right. When there are very contradictory views, they couldn’t all be right, anyway. My point was something else.

      And what you say about God being a teacher… I don’t say anything very different. I just say if God made everything, including spirits and humans, them are God.

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