About some bad things that happen to us

Most of the time, they don’t.

Most of the time, something happens, and we replay it 20 times per day in our mind. And we combine it with other bad things that have happened to us. And we combine it with millions of other bad things we have heard that have happened to others, and we generalize and say ‘bad things happen’.

Well, they don’t. I know some have and some are going through some really tough stuff (their bodies, not themselves, as spirits). I don’t reduce that. But compared to what most of us think that happens, it is small.

Somebody comes and says something nasty, or grins and then we think something has happened to us. What’s happened? Somebody just uttered words, or thought up some nasty things to say. What does that have to do with us? Absolutely nothing. What one says, is what one says, it is not what happens to me.

Moreover, what one says that happens to others -it’s the same as the first example- it doesn’t mean it happens. It doesn’t mean it is as bad as he says it is. And it doesn’t mean it is as generalized as he says it is. It’s no secret -specially on the field of reporters- they exaggerate things. I have been watching the same photo of the same dismembered child for the past 4 years, from ‘independent’ internet media. And some say it’s from (present) Gaza and others from (present) Syria. It is a shocking image, indeed. But it isn’t happening now.

Moreover, some long for bad things to happen. When some thousands of people decide to kill each other, that’s what they do. And that’s what happens. It doesn’t just ‘happen’. They do it. And in war people don’t just injure and kill, they also get injured and killed. That’s what war and fighting are about. To go around and complain after that, showing your cut-off arm, and wonder ‘God, why me?’ is absurd. And it becomes even more absurd when people on his camp, who also fight, scream ‘look what they did to him!’ and threaten with retaliation. I suppose, according to their frame of logic, the enemy ought to just sit and get killed, because they are right.


How much of all that you heard or read daily do you witness with your eyes (leave alone with your spiritual perception)?

People have the right to talk, and that’s what they do. That doesn’t mean that ‘bad things happen’. Words themselves have no power.

Most of the time, most of the things people are afraid of, don’t and won’t exist.

What have you experienced? What are you experiencing?

To make your life easier, don’t shape what you consider to be truth and reality based on what you hear.


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