Is it all a matter of viewpoint?

I can’t really say yes or no, but in the past I did hold on to related ideas.

I do think that viewpoints can play a vital role. That what one (viewpoint) perceives to be extant, another doesn’t necessarily perceive to be extant too.

I know that the more one looks for trouble, the more he is liable to get them. One who is occupied with analyzing problems,is having them in his thinking, and is more liable to have more than just thinking about them. And that done collectively can lead to collective problems, too.


Also -and this is the most important part- a human viewpoint and a spiritual viewpoint are vastly different. I have already written some things about it, more than once.It matters when we say ‘someone’, ‘a person’ etc to define whether we mean a spirit or a human.

I now think they key factor concerning whether it’s all a matter of viewpoint or not, is that thing called potential. I think it is potential whether one experiences only what he creates to experience, or whether he also perceives what others create, or what is other collectively create –aka reality. And potential cannot be limited into a standard scientific theory.

Generally speaking, I’ve been getting more and more disagreeable with anything that is considered to be a standard, due to my understanding of potential. And so I use words like ‘can’, ‘liable’ etc. I think perception is potential, viewpoints are potential, individuality is potential, connection is potential, universes are potential, and laws that limit existence are potential.

What controls potential? Potential.

Potential is also what I refer to as ‘one’s’ (a viewpoint’s) true or basic self.


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