A few words about the mind

One works so hard to build a great mind, then spends so much on alcohol to get rid of it.

Since myself and others who are occupied with spiritual stuff, coax people to rise above their minds, it could be of use to note a few things about minds.

First of all, there is an interesting and important analogy: The more a spirit identifies with (thinks it is the) body, the more it substitutes itself with the mind –also, visa versa. So, from my perspective, the best way to deal with the mind is to not deal with it at all, but to awaken the spirit, instead. At which point the mind is fully brought under the spirit’s, it’s creator’s control.

The mind is not a physical organ. It is a spirit’s creation. And just like the spirit creates it (when it does) it can also not create it. It’s function is meant to similar to that of a computer, and the spirit uses it to know. It is a rather lazy way to know. Instead of going to England to see how it’s like, you remember things you have read, seen or heard about England. It’s like googling it, instead of experiencing it yourself. And just like google can often give you relevant or somewhat relevant or irrelevant answers to your queries, the mind can too, depending on it’s condition.

The mind thinks in such a manner so as to create problems to be resolved. To do that, it fetches information from the past. You think of something, and it gives you more or less related past experiences. Depending on the person, it more or less thinks in opposites. You think ‘yes’, it give you ‘no’. You think ‘no’ it gives you ‘yes’. You want to go to the park, you get information that the park might be dangerous. You want to get a hair cut, you remember the 10 last times you had a bad hair cut. You decide to be happy today, and you get all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t. Problems must contain both ‘yes’ and ‘no’, + and -, opposition, otherwise they are not problems.

Among other things, it works to protect you, so that you will stay alive. But in doing that, it brings up dangers and other negative conditions that don’t actually exist. If something existed 10 years ago, it doesn’t mean it is existing now.

You see your ex and feel bad about it. Why? Because 3 years ago he had told you this and that and… But is that related to present time? Yet, you might feel bad about it, and also get thoughts that have nothing to do with present time, just by looking at him.

This is how people can get trained to get stuck to past conditions. Authomatic thoughts, emotions, feelings that we are experiencing now, might actually be stemming from past experiences.

If one doesn’t take full responsibility for present thoughts he is occupying himself with, he might be using the mind to ‘download’ them from the past. To think with the mind means to think with past experiences –own or other’s experiences. Those thoughts might be somehow, little to not at all related to present time.  If two years ago, a guy with a green jacket had attacked you, it doesn’t mean that another guy with the green jacket who is standing in front of you now, is going to attack you. Yet, the mind can make such associations. And so, you can also beat somebody, to teach him to be afraid of you, or to be afraid of adults or everybody, and other things like that, aka brainwashing. Without a mind, that couldn’t occur.

We get coaxed to use the mind to be clever, and that those who don’t use it are dumb.

Well, I think to assume things about a person that you don’t know first hand, just because he reminds you of another person, which reminds you of something else, and a few dozens of books you have read, and TV shows you have watched, that had people included in, who somewhat resemble this person, is not very reliable, nor true, nor bright either.

The most certain way to get to know him, is to get to know him. And you don’t do that with the mind.

Through the body you can get to know by using it’s perceptions, and as a spirit you can know intuitively. Both are by far more reliable, than the mind, that knows based on the past, and even that, sometimes very badly.

And that’s the importance -in Buddhism and elsewhere- of not using it. That’s why people feel relieved, brighter, happier by controling their thinking. They quit thinking of non extant dangers, and suffering and other negative conditions that are nowhere to be seen or otherwised experienced, in present time.

Most importantly, when you don’t use the mind, you don’t get opposite thoughts whenever you set out to achieve something. You can simply go for it. And you are more likely to achieve it, as well, as you don’t get an anti-thought for every thought create.


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