Light hypnotism

Here are some nice ways that have been used to make people believe anything written and said.

Some things are so deeply ingrained into our minds, we are so ‘used’ to them, that one only needs to use them, to be believed. It seems some have made a science out of this. Who those are I wont tell, but if you backtrack where those tactics started from, you can find out.

Of course I’m not writing this so you will be going around doing it to others, but so you wont be influenced by it.

A very good tool is generalities. Just use ‘the world’, ‘reality’ and so on. Such generalities can easily become believed, even though nobody can double-check to find out whether they actually exist or not. When one talks with generalities, ask him to make it specific. If he can’t, it’s rubbish

Danger/Emergency: An emergency is a condition that requires immediate action, otherwise something very wrong can occur. In case, of emergency people don’t have time to think, they act. And you tell them how to act. So, you call upon some imaginary (or create some actual) emergency, like “THE GREMLINS ARE COMING!”.

Deliver a shock: Just use words and bold emotions like anger and terror to create a shocking impression.

Call upon legitimate sources: ‘Science says’, ‘Studies suggest’, ‘God said’ and so on. Use whatever is ‘legitimate’ for each person, in each instance. This can be combined beautifully with generalities as well as with the rest on the list.

Call upon status: Same as above. Most people respond to status with knee-jerk reactions. ‘If Dr Blah has won 3 Nobels, he must be a good man’, and so on.

Use aesthetics: I love art, but this doesn’t mean that a paid artist could not be used to beautify ugly things, and add credibility to them. Female beauty has also been used for the same purpose (male less 😛 )

Repetition: Pound the same or similar things over and over again, even through different channels. After all, we have democracy.

These are some pop  ways you can make ‘reality’ in people’s thoughts, with mere communication. Enjoy not being influenced by them.

2 thoughts on “Light hypnotism

  1. Hi spyro

    Awesome post! It was very thoughtful of you to enlighten with some useful tips not just ways people get influenced but at the same time beware of falling into a trap.

    Have a great day!
    Arcane owl

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