No matter how ‘objectively’ good or bad one’s life is, one wont be happy enough, fulfilled enough, at ease enough, if he is not aligned with his own purposes.

Own purposes get bashed at only because the instances where people follow their own purposes are few. People often get lured into or forced into adopting purposes given by others who often don’t have the best intentions. One is not called a winner or a loser, successful or unsuccessful based on achieving what he wants or not, but based on some collective agreement about what should be achieved. Then they fall on their faces, and to remedy that they adopt some different purposes that again aren’t of their own. They look ‘outside’ to find something to guide them, or alternately they dig out from their minds past purposes of themselves or of others, but rarely look inside, within themselves, to see what they really want.

I’ve pointed out before how one’s own true will is very well aligned with ethics, that it isn’t selfish, not against others, not against God. However, that can only be observed in instances where people actually follow their own purposes. Unfortunately, once one adopts a given purpose, he calls it his own, and might even protest that you don’t allow his/her freedom, if you say otherwise.

Spirits are not necessarily interested in the ‘normal’ activities of people. They often join life to get something out of it (or to offer something to it), but they also get things they don’t want along with that, and even struggle to get what they want. Some make sure this happens, so they will have a social machine operating (the carrot and the whip), but spirits are reponsible for that, too. For they seek to get something through them, and not through themselves. Afterall, they, we are infinity.

This lack of interest, and this misalignment between what they intend and what they experience, makes them back off from life, and act more on authomatic mode, using the mind, using the past, using external influences. And while they act against their own purposes, their own selves, it feels like life acts against them. It’s a vicious cycle. In actuality, it is them who act against themselves.

The handling for that is easy and simple: Know and follow your own purposes, no matter what those are. It’s ‘do what you like’, not ‘like what you do’.


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