Twisting concepts

I bet it must have occurred to most people, to talk with somebody and say something and get an answer implying that what you had told the person was something completely different than what you actually had.

It can happen, even if both have an equally good grasp of the language they use.

I think it is a matter of perspective. For example, a person who has a rather evil perception of some subject, or life in general, will hear a word such a ‘love’ or ‘freedom’ and imagine something evil, as well. He will twist the meaning of what is said to match his frame of thinking. That’s what ‘freedom’ and ‘love’ will mean to him.

A quote appeared on my fb before, from a somewhat famous guy, saying that to love a person, and not love others, is but a larger form of egotism. That’s just another typical occasion of sugar-coated hate speech against love between couples. Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to that guy, that it would be fortunate for many lonely people to even love one person, as they don’t even do that. Apparently, he asserts he is some godly human who loves everyone unconditionally, and even if I punched in the nose he would still love me like all the rest. And apparently, and since he is so certain of it, it’s his own love for his significant others that had been egotistical. But why doesn’t he speak on behalf of himself? Why does he promote it as ‘reality’? Why does he imply that so many people’s love is wrong and bad, and they’re not even aware of it? I assume for the same reason why some talk about freedom like it’s something related to chaos, crime and LSD.

Often what you hear one charging others for, is what they are and do themselves.

I’ve gotten tired of explaining over and over to some few people (not in wordpress, but actually friends) that what I mean when I talk about philosophy, is not what they think that I mean. And anyway they seem to have more of an appetite to judge than to understand. Apparently, there is some problem there, and it’s not my own.

I write for and talk to whomever has appetite to understand. If I don’t have appetite to understand, I neither read nor sit and talk with others, either. That’s ‘freedom to communicate’ for me.

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