Dark side of spirituality

I am one of those who assert that there can be many ways to the same destination, or at least closer to that destination.

My destination is truth. And what motivates me is truth. My destination is that basic ‘self’. For me the rest are solved based on that. Nobody has to believe me, just sayin… I’m currently on no path.

I am no all-knower by any means. But I trust in my perception to tell whether something is honest or not, and it rarely -if ever- lets me down anymore.

And I’m not authoritarian either, but if I know that something is dishonest I wont be quiet about it, for the sake of plurality.

There is nothing wrong with uncovering a lie. And it doesn’t even imply that you’re against it. To speak the truth, to be honest, is not to fight. But some could take like that.

I’m not here to PR. I’m here to speak -goodly or badly- what I think is ‘more true than’.

Guys, you need to be careful what you believe and what practices you get into, for not all that assert that they deliver something, actually deliver it. And quite often, some deliver the opposite –not just for $, not just due to incompetence, but because that’s what they intend.

No, not ‘all is good’, when it comes to walking on a path. If you want to go north and you wind up south, it’s not good, unless you consider failure and dishonesty to be good, as well. And I’m sorry to say, but the same stands for people too. Yes, deep down everyone is good. But one can go nutty enough so as to wish to harm, even if he doesn’t call it ‘harm’.

Also it is common for something to start as well-intended and wind up being ill-intended, by those or some of those who deliver it, later on.

And even with good intentions present, not all are up to grasping high spiritual principles, leave alone to deliver them to others. I have read interpretations of ancient philosophers by professional scholars and I’m not really surprised, their assumptions are strange. They to fit into their frame of thinking a very different frame of thinking. They live in a materialistic society, working for money, and they go and interpret things from a different world.

I would suggest to consider this when it comes to choosing a spiritual path: Do you know where it is supposed to lead to? Do you know that it actually leads where it says it leads to? Where has it lead you? Don’t take a path just because it’s trendy. You would freak out if you knew what has been seen as trendy in history. Also, do you actually like it, or do you do it because some high-status dude says so? Is it something you want to be into, or do you do it because you somehow think you need it or that it is ‘right’ to be into it? That’s as far as logic is concerned.

Above all, I would suggest to consult your intuition. But that is something that few think they can do.

I have gone through various @$#%@ in my experiences with spirituality. Not only have I discovered false ones, but I have also experiences ones that were partially true and partially false, and so it became super confusing and misleading, and I didn’t use any intuition back then. Partial workability is not enough. If a path offers something good, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will also offer the rest it promises. Also, it doesn’t mean it wont have side-effects. The objective is to reach the objective, if you’re after an objective.

To relax the body is not a spiritual activity, no matter how ‘spiritually’ you dress it –put a Buddha here, a Shiva there, a few psychedelic images and you’re set. Well, it still isn’t. How is the spirit involved with that any more than it is involved with anything else? According to psychology, body and soul are one. So, the above example would be psychology.

2 thoughts on “Dark side of spirituality

  1. The latest catchphrase I keep stumbling across is “if it resonates with you, keep it; if not, let it go.” But I, like you, want more than words and empty promises; I want truth, however bizarre and unpopular it might be. And I want results…

    I trust myself and my own experiences. Everything else I take with a grain of salt… 🙂

    1. I like this catchphrase.

      My disagreement with popularity is that it isn’t necessarily a matter of what people like, but a matter of what gets imprinted in their minds. One can pound something long enough, and use other tricks, and attain that.

      Of course, you and me and the rest should trust themselves…but themselves! 😛

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