What is suspended in the mind, is not true

As pointed out before, the process of remembrance as a method of knowing is unreliable.

The reason for this, is that what remains in time, all by itself, is a lie.

It seems to remain all by itself as it’s maker denies having made it. And so with memories, it is no different. In the case of the mind, the maker is you. And you’re the maker of all memories, as well. And when you assume ownership for them, they no longer exist ‘by themselves’. And the resulting negative emotion, pain, that might be connected to them, vanishes as well.

This is not oblivion. For to not use the past to know, doesn’t mean incapacity to know. Oblivion is to forcefully inhibit knowing through memories, while still relying on them to know.

Similarly, when you go through a series of experiences, that you don’t assume fully responsibility for, that you don’t fully understand, they can bother you for a while, or even for longer than just a while, after you’ve experienced them, but for no longer than you yourself re-create them in present.

In view of truth, they will no longer exist. And aside what is more or less true about those experiences, the ultimate truth is their creator, their source.

When I reach a very very good point of truth spiritually, it is impossible for me to remember it, or to hold it in my mind so I can repeat it. Truth makes nothing out of the past, for the past doesn’t exist, it makes nothing out of what records the past as well, the mind. And anyway, the mind couldn’t and doesn’t record it’s own maker. So don’t rely on the past to know who you are, either.

You might be able to memorize methods to attain truth, which wouldn’t be truth themselves. But to memorize truth is impossible. The truth is only in the now. Moreover, to argue about what is truth would be even more absurd.

So, skip the figure-figure. You will most likely spin around around in circles, than wind up knowing some truth.

Know the present, instead.


2 thoughts on “What is suspended in the mind, is not true

  1. There is something about this… but I can’t put my finger on it yet. Hmm…

    But I have definitely experienced that inability to “remember” a particularly enlightening truth before!

    Letting this one “steep” for a while, and moving on… 🙂

    1. There can also be sorts of brainwashing wherein one can’t remember, as well. But it’s not the same. It’s sort of like an opposite.

      What I mean is that what persists in time, is not truth. Truth is timeless.

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