Consciouness means a state of being aware, of perceiving. Some define the spirit as ‘consciouness’ or ‘the part of man that is conscious’.

Some as part of their spirituality, focus their attention on ‘present time’ and stop their mind from thinking. And I think that can be good, if done well. But it can be taken much further away from that.

Myself and some others think that the spirit, when it comes human life, is conscious of being conscious.

This is a very important little detail.

A human being can be conscious. It can perceive through it’s eyes, years, hands etc. It can be aware of it’s environment. However, that’s not what the spirit is.

The spirit is not directly conscious of those things. The human is. The spirit can perceive those things through the human body. But then it most commonly thinks it is the human body, which is not true, and it leads to problems. A lie about oneself is a fundamental one, over which more problems can be piled up.

The spirit is capable of being concious all by itself, without a body. Actually, it’s much more capable of doing that, than a human body’s limited perception channels, that it gets accustomed to.

Your feeling and idea of ‘self’ is most likely a combination of mind and body. It is not what the spirit perceives itself to be, when it is being conscious as itself, without a mind, without a body.

A spirit has no energy, mass, wavelength, location in space and time. What awareness and ideas would it have about itself? What would it’s name and identity be?

For me, that’s spiritual awakening –to awaken, to be aware, conscious as a spirit.  There can be more to learn about life and existence in general, but that’s awfully great, already. And it’s far from we are used to, in this life.


One thought on “Consciousness

  1. Yes! This is worth attaining, and it parallells beautifully where my thoughts and feelings have been leading me… Thanks, Spyros, for putting this into words for me, so I can begin to grasp what is pushing/pulling me…


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