Spirituality and abandonment of life

And as I’ve pointed out before, I don’t think that spiritual awakening necessarily implies the abandonment of any portion of life. On the contrary, as one’s awareness ‘rises’, he becomes less of a victim of life. A spirit cannot be a victim. And so, it can think and act ‘above’ such problems.

Apparently, some have chosen to isolate themselves so as not to trigger their minds and jump back to being a body, a victim again. I don’t see anything wrong with that, like I don’t see anything wrong with living.

I wanted to clear this up, as some complain that in order to be ‘spiritual’, they need to isolate themselves from life, and they disagree with it. Isolation has been an approach, and apparently, for some a workable one. For me it is neither right nor wrong. It is an approach, not the approach.

I am personally not a monk, nor do I have any problem with monks. I’m just picky with what games I play in life, because of my own ideas what I would like to make and experience.

I think it’s best for one to be able to experience chaos. And not think that he is influenced. Because anyway the spirit is exterior to life, and nothing can happen to it.



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