This post has been approved by science and God

I’m feeling like ranting about authority, but not very seriously. Come listen, if you’re in the mood…

If people chose political sides and religion (or godless men who makes themselves Gods on Earth) based on which ones haven’t killed and tortured millions, deliberately lied to people, brainwashed people, because they were afraid of losing their authority, and generally acted unfairly, as per mainstream history, leave alone the rest, perhaps a need for something new or for nothing would appear in their awareness.

Whose side to take so as to be ‘responsible’, the mad butcher’s or the psycho killer’s? Should we blame all men or all women? Exploit the poor as business, or force everybody to be equally poor and exploit them as the state? Sharia or inquisition? Force kids to parrot this or that, so as to be ‘right’ and ‘educated’, for their ‘own good’?

How about nope? Who has the right to determine what is right for me and for others who don’t buy that, without even asking us, the people? Do ‘the people’ decide before or after they get taught how things are and what they have to choose between? Or does omnipotent, omnipresent God grant that right to some few, because ‘he’ only talks to them, and he can’t talk to the rest?

How about no more sugar-coated fascism, and let everybody choose, as well as to create choices for themselves?

The myth that good groups can’t exist without allowing individual will, is a myth. Only is some occasions, where one (or some) tries to impose himself upon others (like in the case of murder, theft, lobbying, dictatorship etc) should he be restrained, and not in the case of disagreeing. By depriving all or most of their individuality, so that few can prevail over them, the opposite is accomplished.

It’s sad, in an age where people get schooled to be logical using abstract numbers, and to no longer have blind faiths, to believe in such fallacies, and in ‘science this and science that’, as if ‘science’ was a single thing whose trademarks are owned by some company, or something. While thousands of scientists graduate each year, and maybe not all would necessarily agree with each other. While many of those scientists that are now praised and get taught in all fields of science, were independent and even self-taught, and even became martyrs, against the some authorities of their times.

How could I or anybody else represent all ‘science’, ‘God’, ‘religion’ or any other such generalities? In Nazi times and country, ‘science’ proved the inferiority of certain people, and at around the same time ‘science’ the insanity of homosexuals (not in Germany, alone). Guess what, it is the opposite now. Now you’re ‘racist’ and ‘homophobic’ -somewhat insane- if you assert what ‘science’ had asserted before.

But unfortunately, it is still ‘science’, and not specific scientists, yet. Science still has representatives.

Of course, ‘God’ has been playing the same game as well, since long-before-‘science’. And ‘he’ is still playing it too.

I represent myself. And another can only do that, as well. He can certainly not represent me, without asking me first. He can’t represent ‘science’, as -even in case he is a scientist- he is not ‘science’. He can’t hold the trademarks of any ‘objective’ ‘sanity’, ‘reality’, ‘right’, ‘wrong’ and ‘God’, for he is but a person. He can offer his knowledge, opinions, and skills, and another might accept them or not. He cannot impose them using suck tricks.

There…done. And my post has been approved by science and God. It’s also the will of the people.


2 thoughts on “This post has been approved by science and God

  1. Lol! I agree! And watching my own country’s circus-like election process right now (the U.S.), I cannot help but feel a little frightened at how absurd and out of control this whole situation has become. It is no longer a choice about “lesser evil” as it has been, because all are “deeply evil” now…

    1. Although I’m not an American I keep an eye, whether I like it or not, since I have American FB friends –some very good ones. Yeah I think your elections and ours are not that different. It’s nonsense and makes me feel bad to sit and think about it.

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